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Frequently Asked Questions–Service & Maintenance Supervisor

Thank you for your support as we move to an updated, University–wide version of Kronos. We’ve outlined below additional questions and answers for you.

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What reports will we have?

With the enhanced My Time application, we will offer a variety of new and improved reports. We have also retired a number of reports. The My Time (Kronos) Reports Guide includes a list of these reports.

How do we request new reports? Or help with reports?

Local business offices and HR support can help with the review of existing reports and funnel requests to the Yale Next project team.

How do I access Kronos?

We are now accessing Kronos through Yale’s uPortal. Once a user logs onto the portal with their NetID and Password, a link to My Time will be available in the upper right corner.

Can My Time have a blackout period for time off requests?

Because the My Time application is going to be used by all employees here at the University, this is not possible. As a common process, please review the request and make a determination based on the department staffing needs. Additionally, My Time provides the ability to type in a note informing the requestor that their request was denied due to a predetermined blackout period.

Why can’t there be a second supervisor?

My Time uses the supervisor of record located in the Oracle application and we can only store one supervisor. However, My Time provides the functionality to delegate someone to cover for those on vacation and the local business office to assist in an absence.

Can employees use the kiosks?

Over the next month, we expect employees to use the existing, paper–based process, however strongly encourage supporting them to use the new kiosk–based process. At the kiosk, employees can access can access lots of interesting University information via the portal.

Can an employee see their own timecard from the Kiosk? Is it read only?

Yes, Local 35 employees can see their timecard and it is read–only.

What are the parameters for requesting time off?

These parameters are not set by Human Resources because we recognize that each department has unique staffing needs. Each department has determined how far in advance an employee must request time off. For example, a department may require that employees must request a vacation day no later than 2 business days before the proposed day off. Please check with the appropriate business office or manager for specific guidelines.

Are supervisors no longer approving personal leave of absence requests?

It is recommended that supervisors direct employees to the Employee Service Center at 203.432.5552 to speak with the Human Resources Leave Coordinator. The Leave Coordinator is trained to discuss the options that the employee has for taking leave time and will recommend the best course of action.

Can My Time accrue future balances for time off requests asked in November for the following year? If not, how should we review these requests?

  • If an employee currently has a balance, they will be able to use the kiosks to request time off from go live and into 2010.
  • If employees do not have a balance, and wish to request time off after January 1, 2010 in anticipation of the new allotment due them on January 1st, they will not be able to.
  • Once we get to January 1, 2010, they will be able to request vacation throughout that calendar year via the kiosks.

If gross wages are no longer available on the screen, and an employee comes to me with a question about their paycheck how do I help them?

Supervisors or employees can contact their business office or the Employee Service Center at 203.432.5552 to help with this information.

How does an employee request unpaid time off?

Employees should request unpaid time off as they do today—through a paper form or as a discussion with their supervisor.

How do I request advanced vacation pay?

Employees should request advance vacation pay as they do today—through a paper form or as a discussion with their supervisor. Advance Vacation (ADV VAC DAY) is the available My Time paycode used to mark an advanced vacation pay request.

What are examples of Rule Violations?

The Rule Violations will not allow employees to request multiple types of time off for the same time period. For example: Billy submits two requests for a vacation day and a sick day on October 30.

If I request a time off request via the Kiosk—when I swipe in, will the time clock let me know I have a message?

Time clocks will not display My Time inbox messages. Employees must log in to their inbox via the Kiosk to view any messages or if they have an Outlook account, they will receive an email in their Outlook inbox.

How are staff requests handled when I am out of the office?

Supervisors may name a delegate in the My Time application to approve timecards and time off requests on their behalf for the duration that they are out of the office. This Manager Delegation can be found in the My Actions link in My Time.

Can requests be approved from the Outlook email? Is there a link?

The email will contain a link to the log in page of My Time. Supervisors will need to log in to My Time to approve any requests.

My employee is schedule to work on a University holiday, however wants off that day. How do they make that request?

Employees should request holiday time as they do today—with a paper form or through a discussion with their supervisor. After the discussion with the supervisor, the supervisor is to enter the paycode change in My Time.

If a Dining Services employee swipes out for lunch, what happens?

If a Dining Services employee, on the auto deduct meal rule, swipes out on their lunch break this will result the system as an exception. My Time will display Early Out and Late In punches on their timecard. The supervisor will then need to adjust their punches for the day using paycodes.

Does the system show actual punches or the rounded amount (Sally punches in at 8:01—will the system show the 7 minute rounding rule and display it as 8:00)?

The system will not display rounded punches. The punches will be displayed as they are coming in through the clock. The rounding rules will be taken into effect in the amount column. For example: If an employee punches in at 8:02 am and punches out at 4:01 pm, the in and out columns on the timecard will display the punches as listed above. The amount column on the timecard will display a total of 8 hours.

Will reports include pay code comments?

The Time Detail report will display the paycode used as well as the comment added to the paycode.

Will gross adjusted wages still show in the “total schedules” column?

Wages will not be displayed on the timecard. Administrative users who need access to this information will be able to view wages through an alternate system.

What do we do for those employees who are requesting time off in November for the following year but are on the Alternate Work Program? How will their new manager see that they have requested time off and been approved for it?

If the employee is allowed to request time off for the period, the supervisor will have visibility to see their time off dates. Once the time off request has been approved, the employee’s timecard is automatically updated with the time off details. The new supervisor will be able to see this on the employee’s timecard. The supervisor may also view this information from the Work & Absence Genie located on their homepage of My Time.

If the employee does not cancel the time off request but shows up for work – can the supervisor edit the timecard?

Yes, this will need to be done manually on the My Time timecard using paycode edits by the supervisor.