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My Time (Kronos)

What is My Time?

My Time (Kronos) is Yale’s online timekeeping system for staff members to keep track of their hours worked and paid time off balances. A staff member may use various system features depending on his/her role at the University:

  • Clerical and Technical staff

    To report time, Clerical and Technical staff submit a time card online via My Time (Kronos) for the hours that they work each week. The system electronically forwards the time card to the approving supervisor. time cards must be submitted by midnight Saturday for the work week ending on that day. Clerical and Technical staff can also request time off or a leave of absence through My Time (Kronos) as well as check paid time off balances.
  • Managerial and Professional staff

    Managerial and Professional staff track use of paid time off in My Time (Kronos), and may use the system to request time off or a leave of absence. They are not required to track hours worked, which only show up on timecards to enable accurate granting of paid time off.
  • Service and Maintenance staff

    My Time (Kronos) gathers information about hours worked through time clocks which are installed throughout the University. The time clock is equipped with a screen, a keypad, and a vertical slot through which the employee swipes his or her ID card to punch in and out. The time clock records the employee's identity and the time he or she punches in or out. Service and Maintenance staff can check paid time off balances by logging onto My Time from a Yale or home computer. For convenience, computer kiosks are located around campus.
  • Supervisors and Designated Approvers of staff

    My Time (Kronos) enables supervisors to manage and control timekeeping for staff in a single system of record. time cards and requests for time off are electronically routed to supervisors for their approval; supervisors must approve time cards on a weekly basis by 5 p.m. Monday.
  • MAC and Linux Users

    MAC and Linux users will be automatically re–directed to My Time (Lite) which is compatible with any browser or MAC operating system. This version of My Time will allow users to edit and approve timecards but has limited reporting and scheduling capabilities.
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