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Individual Development Planning

To keep up with the demands of today’s workplace, every employee should have an opportunity to develop professionally or grow in their jobs. Taking time to discuss each individual staff member’s professional needs or aspirations for growth, at least once a year, is the basis of the Individual Development Plan (IDP) process. Currently available for Managerial and Professional staff members, an IDP starts with an annual conversation between a manager and a staff member that is transformed into an action plan of realistic steps the employee can take to help them build a desired skill, better use their existing talents, or prepare for a career goal. IDP is complementary to the annual FOCUS process and encourages employees to invest in their work and themselves, contributing to greater job satisfaction.

Below are guides and tools for more information. For questions, contact your Human Resources Generalist.

Vice President Michael Peel introduces the concepts behind IDP.


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Sample IDP conversation: understanding the components and goals of the conversation.