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We will post answers to frequently asked questions from our clients on various human
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I am a C&T who recently transferred to a new department within Yale where I have been told that some of the staff work over recess. Will I receive alternate days off if I have to work during recess or do I get paid for those hours or days?

This year, December 24 along with the four working days that fall between Christmas and New Year’s Day(December 26, 27, 28 and 30) are considered recess days on which most employees are not required to work. However, there are a number of employees like you who
have to work some or all of recess due to operational needs in clinical departments, research laboratories, facilities maintenance, and other offices that remain open during the recess period. In addition to receiving your regular pay for the holidays and recess days, as a C&T you will be paid at time and one half for any hours you actually work on a holiday/recess day or, if you and your supervisor agree, you can earn compensatory time off at time and one half for any hours that you actually work on a holiday/recess day.

For example, if you work a total of 15 hours during recess, you will either be paid for the 15 hours worked at time and a half, or you will receive 22.5 hours of compensatory time. This compensatory time must be utilized by June 30. Remember, your pay for working on these days, whether in time or money, is in addition to your holiday and recess pay.

M&P employees who are required to work on a holiday/recess day, receive an equivalent day off with pay that must be taken prior to the end of the fiscal year in addition to their holiday and recess pay.

I will be resigning from Yale at the end of the year as I am relocating out of state in January. If my resignation date is December 31 will I be paid for recess?

When you resign from employment at Yale, your termination date reflects your actual last day worked (not a day when you are utilizing vacation or any other form of paid time off ). In this case as December 31 is not a work day, your resignation date would need to be December 21, 2007 (the last work day prior to recess), and you would not be paid for the recess period.

I am currently on a child rearing leave and will be on leave through January 25, 2008. Will I be paid for recess?

If you are on a paid leave utilizing paid time off (sick, vacation or personal) then you will be paid for any holiday/recess days that occur during your leave. If your leave is unpaid as of December 21, you will not eligible for holiday/recess pay. This applies to employees on
disability leave as well. Employees on personal leave are not paid for holiday/recess days which occur during their leave.