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2006 - 2007 Street Listings & Maps

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2nd St
Academy St 
Adam Clayton Powell Pl
Adeline St
Admiral St
Alton St
Anderson St 
Anita St
Ann St
Arch St
Argonne St
Argyle St
Arthur St
Ashmun St
Asylum St
Atwater St
Auburn St
Audubon St (up to # 59)
Austin St
Avon St (up to # 69)

Canner St (up to # 93)
Carlisle St
Carmel St
Cassius St
Castle St
Cave St
Cedar St
Cedar Hill Ave
Chambers St
Chapel St (up to #629)
Chapel St (#1178 - #1655)
Charles St
Chatham St
Cherry Ann St (even #'s only)
Chestnut St 
Clark St
Clay St
Clinton Ave
Clinton Pl
Clover Pl
Colony Rd
Columbus Ave (#152 and up)
Compton St
Congress Ave (#170 to # 989)
Cottage St (up to # 61)
County St
Court St (up to #37)
Crescent St
Crown St (#370 and up)

Eagle St 
East St
East Pearl St
East Ramsdell St (#53 and up)
Eaton St
Eddy St
Edgar St
Edgewood Ave (up to #535)
Edwards St (up to #157)
Eld St
Eldert St
Elizabeth St
Ella T Grasso Blvd
Elliott St
Ellsworth Ave
Elm St
Emerson St (#84 and up)
English St
Evergreen Ct
Exchange St

Garden St
Gem St (up to #18)
Genesee St
George St (#412 and up)
Gibbs St
Gilbert Ave
Gilbert St
Gill St
Glen Rd 
Goffe St
Goffe Terr
Gold St
Goodyear St (up to #119)
Grace St
Grafton St
Grand Ave
Grant St
Greene St
Greenwich Ave (#188 and up)
Greenwood St
Gregory St

Irving St
Ives Pl
Ivy St

Kensington St
Kimberly Ave (up to #329)
King Pl
Kossuth St

Main St
Maltby St
Mansfield St
Maple St
Market St
May St
Mead St
Mechanic St
Mill St
Mill River St
Miller St
Minor St
Mitchell Dr 
Monroe St
Moreland Rd
Morris St
Motley Pl
Mountain Rd
Munson St
Murray Pl

Olive St 
Onyx St
Orchard St
Osborn Ave

Ramsdell Pl
Read St
Redfield St
Richard St
Ridge St
River St
Rock Creek Rd
Rock St
Rock View Circle
Roger White Dr 
Rosette St
Rowe St
Royden Rd
Ruby St

Taylor Ave
Third St
Thompson St
Thorn St
Tierney Rd
Tilton St
Tour Ave
Townsend St
Truman St
Trumbull St (up to # 35 1/2)
Tyler St
Valley Pl North
Valley Pl South
Valley St
Vernon St
Victory Dr
View St
Vine St

York Sq
Young St

Bailey St
Baldwin Dr
Baldwin St
Bank St
Bank St. N
Barclay St
Bassett St
Batter Ter
Beaver Hill La 
Beers St
Bellevue Rd
Bishop St (up to # 145)
Blake St
Blatchley Ave
Bond St
Bradley St (up to # 194)
Brewery Sq
Brewster St
Bright St
Bristol St
Brookside Ave
Brown St
Brownell St
Butler St (up to #183)
Button St

Daggett St
Daisy St
Davenport Ave
Day St
Derby Ave (#1 to #189)
Dewitt St
Diamond St
Dickerman St
Division St
Dixwell Ave (up to #817)
Dorman St
Dover Dr
Dover St
Downes St
Downing St
Dwight St
Dyer St

Farnham Ave
Ferry St
Fifth St
Fillmore St
First St
Fitch St (up to #275)
Foote St
Ford St
Foster St
Fournier St
Fourth St
Fox St
Frances Hunter Dr
Frank St
Franklin St (up to #37)
Front St

Hallock Ave
Hallock St
Hamilton St
Hard St
Harding Pl
Harper Ave
Harrison St (#88 and up)
Haven St
Hazel St
Hedge St
Henry St
Highland St (#188 and up)
Hillside Pl
Hilltop Rd
Hine Pl
Hobart St
Hotchkiss St
Houston St
Howard Ave (#154 to # 936)
Howe St
Hubinger St
Hudson St
Hughes Pl 
Humphrey St (up to #379)
Huntington St (#188 and up)
Hurlburt St

James St
Jefferson St
Jewell St
John Daniels Pl
John Murphy Dr
Judson Av

Lafayette St
Lake Pl
Lamberton St
Lander St
Laurel Ct
Lawrence St (up to #157)
Legion Ave 
Level St
Lewis St
Liberty St
Lilac St
Limerick St
Linden St (up to #77)
Lines St
Lloyd St
Lock St
Lodge St
Lombard St
Lynwood Pl
Lyon St

N Bank St 
Nash St
Newhall St (up to #400)
Nicoll St 
North Ct
Northeast Dr
Norton Pkwy
Norton St
Park Pl
Park St (even #'s only)
Parkside Dr
Parmelee Ave
Pearl St (up to #99)
Peck Alley
Peck St
Pelham St
Pendleton St
Percival St
Perkins St
Pierpont St
Pine Alley
Pine Pl
Pine Rock Ave
Pine Rock Rd
Pine St
Platt St
Pleasant St
Plymouth St
Pond Lily Ave
Pond St
Poplar St
Porter St
Portsea St
Prince St
Prospect Pl
Putnam St

Sachem St (#64 and up)
Salem St
Saltonstall Ave
Saltonstall Ct
Sanford St
Scranton St
Second St
Sheffield Ave
Sheldon Ter
Shelter St
Shelton Ave
Shepard St (up to #121)
Sherman Ave (1-399, 847+ up)
Sherman Ct
Sherman Pkwy (#400 and up)
South Genesee St
South St
Southwest Dr
Sperry St
Spring St
Springside Ave
St John St & Connector
Stanley St
Starr St
State St (#648 to #1175)
Stevens St
Stimson Rd
Stone St
Strong St
Sylvan Ave

University Pl

Wallace St
Walnut St
Ward St
Warren Pl
Warren St 
Washington Ave (up to # 769)
Water St (#81 to #143)
Watson St
Waverly St
Wayfarer St
Webster St
Wellington Rd
West St
West Carlisle St
West Division St
West Gibbs St
West Hazel St
West Hills Rd
West Ivy St
West Park Ave
West Portsea St
West Read St
West Rock Ave (#413 and up)
Whalley Ave (up to #775)
White St
Whittlesey Ave
Wilcox Pl
William St
Willis St
Willow Ct
Willow St (#75 to # 233)
Wilmot Rd
Wilson St
Winchester Ave (up to #817)
Winter St
Wintergreen Ave
Winthrop Ave
Wolcott St
Woodland St
Woolsey St
Wooster St