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Home Buyer Program

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How to Apply

If you are buying a home in New Haven within the program's designated area, contact the Homebuyer Program at (203) 432-5552 to ensure your benefit application and documentation have been received and reviewed for payment approval.

Program Administration

The program is administered by Human Resources/Homebuyer Progam. Application forms may be picked up 221 Whitney Avenue in the lobby or you may download the application form.

Please fax documentation: Sales Contract, Benefit Application Form, and Closing Settlement Statement paperwork to:(203) 432-5153.


Click here to find out how to get a free tree planted in front of your new Homebuyer house!

Sign up for an energy audit of your Homebuyer house and start saving money
Get great rebates to upgrade your home to make it more energy efficient and save hundreds of dollars a year on utility bills — Yale’s own Community Carbon Fund can help you through the process. If you have questions, please send an e-mail to sustainability@yale.edu.



Home Buyer 500
  • "It's a wonderful feeling
    living among a hard working community and helping in keeping our neighborhoods strong.
  • Everything is close in New Haven, shopping stores, parks, recreational activities,
    we don't have to go far to
    enjoy any of these."