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Diversity and Inclusion

Fostering a diverse and inclusive Yale community

Diversity & Inclusion collaborates with departments and individuals across the Yale campus to promote a respectful, accessible and inclusive community for all Yale employees.

Diversity is the broad range of attributes, experiences, and characteristics (race, gender, cultural heritage, sexual orientation, physical/mental ability, age, national origin, etc.) that makes us uniquely who we are. At Yale, inclusion means creating a work environment where each person has the opportunity to participate fully to achieve the mission of the University and is valued for their distinctive skills and capabilities.

A diverse workforce and inclusive environment increases productivity, creates new ideas, performs on a higher level and enhances Yale’s ability to continue to excel in an increasingly complex, competitive and diverse world.

We provide a range of information, consultation and training to the Yale community on issues related to workforce diversity and inclusion.

Some of the strategic goals of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion include:

  • Strengthen diversity recruitment efforts
  • Develop our internal talent
  • Enhance mentoring programs with a goal of creating a climate where mentoring is the norm.
  • Offer diversity education opportunities for all members of the Yale community
  • Develop a system of metrics to track and assess progress.
  • Develop strategies to communicate and publicize Yale’s diversity milestones.

For more information contact the Diversity and Inclusion office at 203-432-9667.