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Human Resources Staff Directory

Benefits, payroll and employee information: Contact Employee Services at 203-432-5552 or visit 221 Whitney Avenue. You may also send a fax to 203-432-5153 or send an email to employee.services@yale.edu.

Job openings: Please search STARS, Yale's job-posting and recruitment system. More information can be found at the Staffing website, or by emailing Staffing at employee.services@yale.edu, or calling 203-432-5703.

Verification of Employment: Please fax a written request to the Employee Service Center at 203-432-5153. If you have questions on a verification you have submitted, please call 203-432-5552.

Workers' Compensation: Please visit the Yale Workers' Compensation web site.

Human Resources Staff Directory: Please click here for a listing of departmental assignments.

Vice President for Human Resources and Administration

2 Whitney Avenue, Suite 805
New Haven, CT 06510

Michael A. Peel, Vice President for Human Resources and Administration
Kathedral Bayl, Executive Assistant to Michael A. Peel

Best Practices

Email: best.practices@yale.edu

221 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511-3760
Phone: 203-432-9020
Fax: 203-436-8521

Jane Savage, Director, 203-436-8524
Debra Arcangelo-Vitale, Sr. Facilitator, 203-436-8584
Nicole Forbes, Sr. Administrative Assistant, 203-432-9020
Michele Potter, Facilitator, 203-436-8586
Michael Schoen, Facilitator, 203-436-8587
Lorraine Skibitcky, Facilitator, Local 34, 203-436-8594
Brian Wingate, Facilitator, Local 35, 203-436-8585

Compensation & Benefits

221 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511-3760

Hugh Penney, Sr. Director, Compensation and Benefits, 203-432-2634
Michelle Cirello, Sr. Admininstrative Assistant, 203-436-8317


Email: employee.services@yale.edu
Phone: 203-432-5552
Fax: 203-432-5153

Sylvia Bedard, Director, Benefits 203-436-5164.
Eileen Krar, Senior Health and Welfare Planner
Kate Castello, Senior Retirement Planner
Susan Federico, Lead Retirement Counselor
Debra Novella, Retirement Counselor

Compensation & Classification

Email: employee.services@yale.edu
Website: www.yale.edu/hronline/compclas
221 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511-3760
Phone: 203-436-5408
Fax: 203-432-6279

Diversity and Inclusion

221 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511-3760


Website: www.yale.edu/hronline/diversity
Phone: 203-432-9667
Fax: 203-432-6267

Deborah Stanley-McAulay, Chief Diversity Officer, 203-436-4072
Marinda Brown, Diversity Program Coordinator, 203-436-5628
Audrey Rogers, Sr. Administrative Assistant, 203-432-1385

Office for Equal Opportunity Programs

Website: www.yale.edu/equalopportunity
Phone: 203-432-0849
Fax: 203-432-7884

Valarie Stanley, Director, Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, 203-432-0853
Jonathan Bailey, Sr. Administrative Assistant, 203-432-0849
Jamaal Thomas, Equal Opportunity Program Representative, 203-432-0852

WorkLife and Child Care Program

Website: www.yale.edu/worklife/
Phone: 203-432-8069
Fax: 203-432-6267

Susan Abramson, Manager, WorkLife and Child Care Programs, 203-432-8069

Employee Relations

Website: www.yale.edu/hronline/hrgeneralist
221 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511-3760
Phone: 203-436-8857
Fax: 203-436-9165

Donna Cable, Associate VP, HR Academic Units, 203-436-4180
Geraldine Sullivan, Director, Employee Relations YSM, 203-737-7190
Bridgett LaFountain
, Associate Director, 203-432-6856
Susan Riggs, Associate Director, 203-432-9873
Karen Wu, Sr. HR Generalist, 203-436-8383
Ali D’Amico, Assistant Director, YSM 203-737-3459
Lisa Gray
, Assistant Director - YSM, 203-737-5529
Alyssah Moran, Sr. Administrative Assistant, 203-436-8257
Katie Pomes, Sr. Administrative Assistant, Employee Relations/HR Communications 203-436-4636
Maryam Rahmani, Sr. Administrative Assistant, 203-436-8335
Ariane Trexler, Sr. Administrative Assistant, 203-432-7823 Adrienne Wilson, Sr. Administrative Assistant, 203-785-3890

Human Resource Generalists

Timothy Aucoin, HR Generalist, 203-737-5960
Daria Biancardi, HR Generalist, 203-436-8340
Claire Brennan, Sr. HR Generalist, 203-432-9824
Bernadette Cioffi, Sr. HR Generalist, 203-436-1916
Anna DeAngelo, HR Generalist, 203-836-4730
Barbara Escobar, HR Generalist, 203-436-8261
Marisa Figueira, HR Generalist, 203-737-6089
Maja Gill, HR Generalist, 475-238-4767
Santo Galatioto, Sr. HR Generalist, 203-785-5810
Francine Georges, HR Generalist, 203-432-1442
Robyne Gioco, HR Generalist, 203-785-7981
Kathleen Glynn, HR Generalist, 203-785-5970
Abby Goldblatt, Sr. HR Generalist, 203-436-9424
Christina Hayden, HR Generalist, 203-436-9163
Amy Holt, HR Generalist, 203-436-5161
Kyleen Huber, HR Generalist, 203-432-6085
Kristin Maloney, HR Generalist, 203-436-4644
Lisa Nolen, HR Generalist, 203-436-8265
Cindy Pattison, Sr. HR Generalist, 203-737-4463
Juliet Pisano, HR Generalist, 203-436-5746
Stephanie Santore, HR Generalist, 203-785-3401
Lauren Slater, HR Generalist, 203-436-5163
Blanche Temple, HR Generalist, 203-436-5180
Francine Treusch, HR Generalist, 203-436-5864
Kathleen Valera, HR Generalist, 203-785-2113
Candice van Emmenes, HR Generalist, 203-737-4099

Human Resource Communications

Lalani Perry, Communications Director, 203-436-5168
Brenda Naegel, Assoc Communications Director, 203-432-1855
Linda Clarke
, Communications Officer, 203-432-6263
Katie Pomes, Sr. Administrative Assistant, Employee Relations/HR Communications 203-436-4636

Employee Services

221 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511-3760

Nancy Creel-Gross, Associate Vice President, HR Operations & Workday@Yale, 203-436-1268
Jaimee D’Agostino, HR Administrative Coordinator, 203-436-8241

Employee Service Center

Email: employee.services@yale.edu
Website: www.yale.edu/employeeservices
Phone: 203-432-5552
Fax: 203-432-5153
Jodi McCullagh, Associate Director
Robin Howard, Service Center Supervisor, 203-432-8285
Marilyn Butanowicz, Sr. Customer Service Representative
Karen D’Eugenio, Sr. Customer Service Representative
Darlene Evans, Sr. Customer Service Representative
Duane Mellor, Sr. Customer Service Representative
Holly Townsend , Sr. Customer Service Representative
Diane Chandler, Customer Service Representative
Sharon Foy Baird, Customer Service Representative
Jennifer Jahn, Customer Service Representative
Carol Kovaleski, Customer Service Representative
Mary McGovern, Customer Service Representative
Joseph Papagoda, Customer Service Representative
Marcella Simpson, Customer Service Representative
Tequanna Stewart, Customer Service Representative
Tonya Whitelow, Customer Service Representative

HR Information Systems

Email: hris.usersupport@yale.edu
Phone: 203-436-4241

Judy Offutt, Associate Director, 203-436-4237
Tanya Birmingham, HRIS Analyst, 203-436-4243
Whitney-Ann Bradshaw, HRIS Analyst, 203-436-8211
Christine Capozziello
, HRIS Analyst, 203-436-4235
Ron Lipkins, Associate Director, HR Innovation and Strategic Support, 203-436-3982
Linda Montagna, Business Systems Analyst, 203-432-9595
Kathleen Popielarczyk, HRIS Analyst, 203-436-4647

HR Operations

Anna Maria Hummerstone, Director, YSM Faculty Support and Workday@Yale Faculty and Other Academic Lead, 203-785-5200
Corey Rossman, Process and Change Management Specialist, 203-432-9495
Katrina Sikorski, Business Analyst, 203-436-8489
Lisa Wohlert, Sr. Business Analyst 203-436-8267

HR Transaction Center

Email: hrtrans@yale.edu
Phone: 203-432-3801
Fax: 203-436-4240

Jodi McCullagh, Associate Director, 203-436-4242
Sheri Wilber, Senior Associate, Leave Services, 203-436-5149
Deborah H. Miller, Sr. Transaction Specialist, 203-432-6061
Roseann Caplan, Transaction Specialist, 203-432-1731
Robin Gordon, Transaction Specialist, 203-436-5805
Lisa Ventura, Transaction Specialist, 203-432-5544
Paul Broniek, Transaction Specialist, 203-436-5271
Malaika Chisholm, Administrative Assistant, 203-436-4241

Labor-Management Relations

Email: labor.relations@yale.edu
Website: www.yale.edu/hronline/labrelat
221 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511-3760
Phone: 203-432-9822
Fax: 203-436-9165

Jane Savage, Director, 203-436-8524
Claire Brennan, Associate Director, 203-436-5746
John Criscuolo, Sr. Labor-Mgmt Relations Rep., 203-436-8828
Jill Reilley, HR Generalist, 203-436-5027
Jaclyn Angelino , Sr. Administrative Assistant, 203-432-8985
James Juhas, Sr. Labor Strategy Advisor, 203-432-9823

New Haven Community Hiring Initiatives

Website: www.yale.edu/hronline/nh-hiring.html
221 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511-3760
Phone: 203-436-8283
Fax: 203-432-6194

Chis Brown, Director, 203-436-8341
Cassandra Irizarry, Hiring Specialist, 203-436-8283

Organizational Effectiveness and Staff Development

221 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511-3760
Phone: 203-432-5660
Fax: 203-432-6267

Elena DePalma, Director, 203-432-3696
Bonibelle Candelario, Organizational Development Specialist,
Pamela Cox, Training Support Specialist, 203-432-5660
Meredith Fahey, Associate Director, 203-436-8390
Kirk Hooks, Organizational Development Consultant, 432-9511
Shaun King, Logistics Manager, 203-432-7920
Terry Reese, Training Support Specialist, 203-432-2023 Deborah Lindenman, Senior Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, 203 432-6445
Linda Veronneau, Organizational Development Consultant, 203-432-9436


Email: employee.services@yale.edu
Website: www.yale.edu/hronline/careers
221 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511-3760
Phone: 203-432-5703
Fax: 203-432-619

Janet Lindner, Deputy Vice President, HR & Administration, 203-432-2188
Jennifer Cinque, Director, 203-436-5151
Raina Sorgenti, Associate Director, Labor Recruitment and Temporary Placement Programs, 203-432-6056
Chris Brown
, Director, New Haven Community Hiring Initiatives, 203-436-8341
Janet Adami, Sr. Recruiter, 203-432-9538
Marcus Bacher
, Sr. Administrative Assistant, 203-432-9538
Sue Barez, Recruiter, 203-436-8178
Cliff Brown, Candidate Development Specialist, 203-432-3080 Marcie Calabrese, Recruiter, HR, 203-436-4890
Thomas Carfora, Candidate Development Specialist,
Andrew Moore, Manager, Temporary Placement Programs,
Abby Clough, Sr. Administrative Assistant, 203-432-5702
Kelly Cronan, Sr. Administrative Assistant, 203-432-0775
Carrie Dantone, Sr. Administrative Assistant, 203-436-3900
Diane Fusco, Sr. Recruiter, 203-436-8387
Jillian Goodfellow, Recruiter, 203-432-3080
Sandra Greer, Sr. Recruiter, 203-432-5822
Amie Herbst, Sr. Administrative Assistant, 203-436-4530
Tanyah Hunter, HR Coordinator, 203-432-2095
Cassandra Irizarry, Hiring Specialist, New Haven Initiatives, 203-436-8283
Julie Landino, Sr. Candidate Development Specialist, 203-432-8318
Shelly Lerner, Dual Career Program/Recruiter, 203-432-6386
Samantha Lockheed, Recruiter, 203-432-2092
Courtney McCarthy, Staffing Representative, IEP, 203-436-8589
Sarah Pavlick, Sr. Administrative Assistant, 203-432-5704
Celestina Perone, Recruiter, 203-436-3407

Workers' Compensation

Email: workers.compensation@yale.edu
Website: http://www.yale.edu/hronline/workers-comp/index.html
Phone: 203-436-9830
Fax: 203-432-5153

Natalie Bacevius, Workers' Comp Manager, 203-432-9831
Theresa Serafin, Sr. Workers' Comp Assistant, 203-432-9830