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Workplace Survey Progress: From Data to Action Plans to Workplace Improvements

The fourth Yale Workplace Survey is being conducted between November 12* and November 26, 2012 for all non-faculty staff and faculty within the School of Drama only.

First offered in 2004-2005, the survey continues to provide information on important issues in the workforce and helped identify areas most in need of improvement for the University and individual departments. Action plans are the next step.

As a result of the 2010 survey, the University designed an individual staff development planning process I"IDP") to help staff members to develop professionally and grow in their jobs.

Together, Yale staff have indeed made progress, but they can do even more. Staff feedback on the 2012 survey will help President Levin and the Officers better understand how Yale is doing and what the University needs to focus on for 2013 and beyond.

The survey is strictly anonymous. The data will be collected and analyzed by the outside consulting firm Sirota Survey Intelligency, who will provide finished reports and on-line tools to the University. University-wide data will be reported via various publications and public presentations.

Departmental data will be presented to the leadership team of each department, who will in turn, communicate the results to their staff.

*Paper survey administration begins November 8.