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Welcome to the 2014 Yale Workplace Survey. The University is committed to making Yale a great place to work. In order to do this, staff feedback is essential. The Workplace Survey provides the university with information on commitment, communication, decision making, development, diversity, innovation, leadership, performance management, productivity, rewards and teamwork.

Read about the results of the 2012 Workplace Survey and a conversation with Mike Peel, vice president for human resources and administration.

Survey Goals

  1. Discover what workplace issues for improvement are most important to Yale staff members.
  2. Increase survey participation to 80 percent (or higher).
  3. Each department develops and implements action plans for areas identified for improvement within the unit.

The action plans, based on the survey findings and results, are reviewed regularly to ensure that the plans address the areas identified for improvement by the survey and reflect staff needs.

For more information about the people involved with the 2014 Yale Workplace Survey, please see: