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Service & Maintenance Job Families


Approximately one out of eight staff members is employed in a service and maintenance job. Please click on a job family below to read more.

Dining Halls

The University has approximately 20 dining facilities serving staff, students and faculty. The bulk of the employees in each dining facility are in entry-level positions which require little or no prior work experience. These employees deliver, receive and store food and prepare and serve meals. Positions at mid-and upper-level are cooks, bakers and meat cutters.


Custodial Services

The Yale campus covers more than 800 acres in New Haven and includes more than 225 buildings, which must be cleaned and maintained. Custodians make sure that the dormitories, offices, laboratories, clinics, patient rooms and classrooms are cleaned at regular and frequent intervals. No prior specialized skills are required for these positions.


Grounds Maintenance

Groundskeepers maintain the outside areas surrounding campus buildings. Their duties include mowing, litter pick-up, seeding, maintenance of paths and roads, snow removal, weed control, etc. They also plant shrubs, trees and flowers to beautify the campus and maintain handtools and equipment required in the performance of their duties. These positions typically require one or more years in grounds keeping or related work and a valid Connecticut driver's license. These positions are filled exclusively by internal staff seeking career opportunities.


Physical Plant

A great deal of the maintenance, renovation and expansion of University buildings is performed by physical plant employees. Physical plant positions are primarily in the building trades and include carpenters, plumbers, electricians and equipment mechanics. For the most part, these positions require a minimum of four years of experience and, for some trades, a state license.


Traffic, Receiving &Stores

This department handles the delivery and pick-up of equipment and materials to and from designated destinations. Workers in this department also maintain stockrooms and receive and store office supplies, furniture, chemicals, etc. Positions typically require the ability to read and write English, and a valid Connecticut motor vehicle operator's license. These positions are filled exclusively by internal staff seeking career opportunities.


Campus Mail

The campus mail service handles over 75,000 pieces of mail daily and is responsible for the sorting, delivery and pick-up of U.S. Mail, interdependent (campus) mail, parcel post and material from other sources to and from University facilities. Primary requirements for these positions are the ability to read and write English and perform physically demanding work, which may include frequent lifting. A valid Connecticut motor vehicle operator's license is also required. These positions are filled exclusively by internal staff seeking career opportunities.


Heat, Light & Power

The heat, light and power department provides steam heat, electricityand chilled water to the more than 225 University buildings. Boiler operators, utility workers, oilers, power plant mechanics and watch engineers in the three power plants monitor, overhaul, wire and installall boilers and related equipment. Requirements for these positions vary from two to five years of related experience.


Fire Marshall's Office

This department is responsible for ensuring Yale's compliance with fire codes and standards in new construction, renovations and fire systems. The staff performs preventive maintenance on assigned equipment. Fire inspector positions require an Associate's degree in fire science and two or more years of experience in fire prevention, or the equivalen teducation and experience. A valid Connecticut motor vehicle operator's license is also required.


Casual Employment
The majority of entry-level positions are scheduled for less than 20 hours a week. Very often, the first step in getting hired as a regular, part-time Yale employee is to start out as a casual employee.

Casual employees are individuals who are available to work on an “as needed” basis to cover vacancies or employee absences. Frequently, the first offer for casual work is in response to an unplanned absence and will require you to work that very same day.

Periodically, Staffing and Career Development will accept applications from external candidates interested in casual positions. Applicants who meet the minimum requirements must pass a written exam to be considered for casual employment. This information will be provided to hiring managers who will contact the candidates directly for casual assignments.

Other positions
Other positions that are sometimes available are in the licensed trades, professional cooking, and the Fire Marshall’s office. Since more than 98% of all openings are filled by candidates who are not current employees or casual workers, the University postings are not made available for the general public.