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Frequently Asked Questions about Pre-employment Screening

Yale conducts a pre-employment screening for final job candidates in order to ensure that it continues to hire the right people, for the right jobs, at the right time. The University joins other major employers in the area who have a full pre-employment screening program in place. We hope that you find the answers to these frequently asked questions about the program helpful.

What does a pre-employment screening check consist of?

The standard pre-employment screening will include but not be limited to  a social security verification, criminal history check, employment verification and an educational verification. You may already be familiar with pre-employment screening since most major employers conduct pre-employment screening checks for job candidates.

When does the pre-employment screening process take place?

As a job applicant, you provide authorization for the pre-employment screening at the time you register and apply for a position through the STARS gateway. If you are the final candidate, the staffing representative will notify you of the screening requirement during the extension of the job offer.

The staffing representative will place a request for a pre-employment screening with ADP, Yale's vendor, who will conduct your background check. Some former employers or institutions may require written consent from you, before they release information. In order to reduce delays, the staffing representative will send a written consent form to you. You may be required to complete additional paper work for credit checks.

When do I need to submit authorization and disclosure forms as part of the pre-employment screening program?

You do not have to submit authorization and disclosure forms until and unless you are identified as a final candidate for the position. At that time, Staffing and Career Development representatives will request these forms from you in order to fulfill Yale’s pre-employment screening requirement. As soon as the forms are received, the staffing representative can initiate the process with ADP. The two forms that final candidates are required to submit to fulfill Yale’s pre-employment screening requirement are listed below.

Applicants will also receive the Summary of Your Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act for their records.

Where do I submit the authorization and disclosure forms?

Candidates will submit the Release Authorization Form and the Disclosure to Employment Applicant Regarding Procurement of a Consumer Report Form, via fax, mail, or hand delivery

Staffing and Career Development
Attn: Pre-employment Screening
FAX: 203-432-6194
155 Whitney Avenue, Room 120
PO Box 208256
New Haven, CT 06520-8256

How long does a pre-employment screening take?

Given ADP’s proven track record in conducting background checks and automated processes, we anticipate efficient turn-around time for all verifications. Estimated cycle time is 3–5 days for routine screenings. Please remember that a prompt return of your forms to the staffing representative will assist in a timely processing.

How will I learn the status of the screening?

Once the screening is completed, ADP will notify Staffing and Career Development of the results. The staffing representative will contact you and the hiring manager with the screening results. Based upon a successful completion of the pre-employment screening, the department may proceed with the job offer.

How does the University protect an individual's right to privacy?

Yale University policy and state and federal laws recognize a subject’s right to privacy and prohibit campus employees and others from seeking out, using, or disclosing personal information except within the scope of their assigned duties.

Yale’s vendor, ADP conducts the pre-employment screening under the direction of Yale Human Resources. HR Staffing and Career Development serves as the office of record for all pre-employment screening results and maintains strict confidentiality. Departments do not receive any details of the pre-employment screening, only a notification of whether the screening has revealed results that do not meet Yale policy.

What happens if I fail the pre-employment screening?

If you fail the pre-employment screening, the offer of employment will be rescinded. ADP will contact you via mail with a letter outlining the results of your background check.

What happens if the results of my pre-employment screening are indeterminate?

If ADP finds that your results are "indeterminate" and will require further review, your application will be referred to the Yale Pre-employment Review Committee, which will review ADP's findings. The review committee will make a decision based on their findings and Yale's employment policies whether the offer of employment will be extended to you or withdrawn.

Is there an dispute process?

Yes. ADP, Yale’s pre-employment screening vendor, processes any and all disputes. ADP will send you an Adverse Action Letter that will outline the results of the background check and will outline instructions for how to dispute these findings if they are incorrect. For further information about an Adverse Action letter, please direct your queries to:

ADP Select

301 Remington Street
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Phone: 1-800-367-5933
Fax: 1-800-237-4011