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Submission Guidelines

Business Management at Yale uses a modified Associated Press style.  Although the editors reserve the right to edit submissions for length, content, or style, please keep the following in mind when submitting your article:

  • Submit articles using the inverted pyramid style of writing whenever possible. 
  • Provide a descriptive title for your article to give readers a clear expectation of the content.
  • If the information submitted is available on your website, please provide a link to the original source material.  
  • Download a reference copy about using the inverted pyramid style of writing.


Yale University Human Resources
Michael A. Peel, Vice President, Human Resources & Administration
Hellen Hom, Director, Human Resources & Administration Internal Communications

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Business Management at Yale is published 12 times a year by the Office of Human Resources, Internal Communications for the staff of Yale University. Editorial offices are located at 2 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut.

Email: hrcomm@yale.edu