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Volume 12 Number 3, March 2009

Administrative Services

Free Videoconferencing Courtesy of West Campus

The West Campus video conference system is now available for use, with a recently upgraded system to meet the varied needs of the Yale community.

The IP (internet protocol) video conference system features two flat panel monitors, a high definition auto focus camera, and two table top microphones, along with a wireless remote control with a graphical user interface that is user friendly. The system allows users to easily integrate a laptop computer (MAC or PC) into their meeting.

Video conferencing services are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and are free of charge to the Yale community. Special arrangements can be made for conferences that need to take place at other times. The video conference system at West Campus is self serve; there are easy to follow directions located in the room.

To reserve the video conference facility, or for additional information about the services available, contact the West Campus Event Coordinator Sharon Finkenauer at sharon.finkenauer@yale.edu or lisa.maloney@yale.edu or 432-5681.

For more information regarding the West Campus go to: http://www.yale.edu/westcampus/index.html or for more information about West Campus services go to: http://www.yale.edu/westcampus/services.html#Videoconf