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Volume 12 Number 2, February 2009


Yale Recycles for Glory and Muffins

Help Yale improve its standing in the Recyclemania competition by optimizing your contribution to Yale's recycling program--and earn muffins along the way!


Sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and administered by the National Recycling Coalition (NRC), RecycleMania is an annual competition that spurs colleges and universities to compare their recycling efforts to those of other schools.  Beginning January 18 through March 28, RecycleMania encourages participating schools to look closely at where they can make improvements, as well as how these improvements can be made.

With the results now in for the first week of the grueling 10-week-long competition, Yale emerged in the middle of the pack.  Yale's recycling rate of 22%, placed it among its Ivy League peers squarely in the middle in 4th place behind Dartmouth (45%), Princeton (27%) and Harvard (26%).  Of the total 157 participating schools, Yale currently occupies 99th place.

Rankings are determined by the NRC and are based upon the weights for trash and recyclables (cans/bottles, paper and cardboard) generated by schools during a one-week period.  To view the scores visit http://www.recyclemania.org. To find out how your office can score points for Yale’s RecycleMania effort through improved recycling practices, contact Yale Recycling at 432-6852 or email us at recycling@yale.edu.


Yale Recycling is re-initiating its popular muffin lottery recycling effort.  If you think your office is up to the challenge or you simply want to have Yale Recycling conduct a walk-through of your desks and work areas, please call us at 432-6852 or email us at recycling@yale.edu.  Students will check trash and recycling bins, provide feedback, and offer advice and a grade in the process.  If your office is recycling at a 90% or better rate, expect to win your share of muffins!

The office visit and “personal trainer” approach adopted by Yale Recycling has proven a highly efficient and effective way to encourage Yale staff to recycle both inside and outside the office.  Of course, it is also a great way to ensure that your office is adding to Yale’s score in the 10-week long RecycleMania contest against other Ivy League schools (see http://www.recyclemania.org).  Let us reward your contribution to Yale’s standing with muffins!

For more information contact Yale Recycling at recycling@yale.edu or 432-6852.