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Volume 12 Number 2, February 2009

General Interest

Reminder: ITS Help Desk Resources

The ITS Help Desk is the first point of contact for most computing-related issues at the University. Individuals can contact the ITS Help Desk and, if appropriate, get connected to their support provider.  You can contact the help desk at 432-9000 or 785-3200, or helpdesk@yale.edu.  The Help Desk also works closely with the Client Accounts (CA) team, which provides access to various University and YSM services and applications. CA processes requests to create, delete, or otherwise modify accounts for email, scheduling, back up, Oracle, and BMS 2000.

For more information on getting help at the University, see our website. Also, you can keep up-to-date with recent ITS developments at our blog.

Mail Tip: Some Ideas for Saving on Mailing Costs

Campus Mail offers these cost-cutting and time-saving tips to lessen the impact of price increases from the U.S. Postal Service. Increases in shipping rates were set on January 18 and the U.S. Postal Service has further indicated its intention to increase letter postage rates this spring:

  • Screen large mailings for unnecessary names, duplicates and incomplete addresses. 
  • Use the smallest package or envelope that is practical for your mail piece.  Whenever possible, fold your outgoing mail and use a #10 business envelope rather than a larger, flat envelope.
  • If express service is required, use the lowest level of service available for delivery. For example, consider using two-day delivery instead of overnight service or afternoon instead of morning delivery.
  • Only request a signature on express mail when it is absolutely necessary.  There are now extra charges for signatures at residential addresses.
  • Use post cards for short messages or announcements.  The cost is about a third less than that of an envelope.
  • Do not overinsure. The post office and UPS will pay only the actual value of an item, not the declared value.
  • Combine U.S. mailings when possible into a larger envelope for distribution at the location.
  • Use Business Reply envelopes provided by vendors instead of department envelopes.
  • Update your mailing list whenever mail is returned to you as “undeliverable.”
  • Double check the U.S. mail address on your letter before sending it to make sure it is correct and complete.
  • Use the most cost-effective shipping method available, i.e., USPS priority mail instead of express; first-class instead of priority mail; media mail instead of first-class.
  • Request library and book rate whenever possible.  Savings can be as much as 50% of the cost of first-class mail.
  • Use non-profit/bulk rate whenever possible. Savings can be as much as 20 cents per mail piece.
  • Use “courtesy reply” instead of “business reply” to save on first-class postage, plus 10 cent processing fee.

For campus mailings, note the following:

  • Use only official Yale University interdepartmental mail envelopes.  Purchase envelopes by faxing a stock request form to the TR&S central stockroom at 4-9312.  They are less expensive than using an outside vendor.  Don’t forget to request correct addressing information to ensure accurate delivery.
  • Use Yale interdepartmental mail envelopes for on-campus mail.  Save business-size envelopes for U.S. mail.
  • Make certain to include the recipient’s name, department and campus address on every campus envelope.
  • Large mailings must be sorted. Sort by mail code, if available.  If you are not using mail codes, bundle mail for Central Area by building location (e.g., Law School, HGS, 17 HLH, etc.).  Mail for the science and medical areas should be bundled by department.  If there are a hundred or more pieces, call the Campus Mail department at least one day in advance of desired pick-up.
  • Let your computer sort large mailings whenever possible.
  • When sending items from one Yale address to another, use Campus Mail instead of the U.S. mail.  Letters sent through U.S. mail go to Wallingford for sorting and are then returned to the Campus Mail Department for delivery.

Data Center Relocations a Quiet Success

In early January, Yale ITS completed a series of data center relocations required by future construction for the School of Management. Through careful planning and close collaboration, ITS successfully transported the physical equipment that powers the "virtual backbone" of many critical services. To read more, visit us here

Password Management Tool Update

In an effort to increase campus information security, Yale ITS is implementing a new process for managing passwords at Yale. Within the next 12 months, individuals who use a NetID and password to access services on the web through the ITS Central Authentication Service (CAS) will automatically be prompted to change their password once per year.

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