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Volume 12 Number 2, February 2009

Administrative Services

BrioQuery Version 9 Becomes Yale University's Standard Reporting Tool on February 16

Beginning on February 16th, BrioQuery Version 9 will be the University’s standard reporting tool.  The University will use BrioQuery Version 9 exclusively and BrioQuery Version 6 will no longer be available.

If you have locally stored custom queries that you have created or have modified queries from the Brio Users Group (BUG) Report Library or DataWarehouse Portal, please visit the project web page for important information:  www.yale.edu/its/software/brio.

Queries with “detail” sections, complicated formatting, outer joins, or fields including both calculations and text will require additional modifications.  Contact dw.usersupport@yale.edu for assistance.

Remember, to ensure the accuracy of your queries, it is imperative that you reconcile results back to standard university reports run from the Data Warehouse Portal or BUG Report Library.


Yale University Tax-Deferred 403(b) Savings Plan

Tax-deferred savings are available through a 403(b) savings program. This program is in addition to the 403(b) program that the University matches or YURAP (Yale University Retirement Annuity Program). This plan is available to anyone who is a W-2 employee of the University, is ineligible to participate in the Matching Plan or YURAP, and is not a student worker.

To enroll in the 403(b) savings program or to discontinue or change your enrollment, complete the Supplemental Retirement Salary Reduction Agreement and applicable investment company application and return all forms to the Benefits Office, 155 Whitney Ave, Room 130, New Haven, CT 06520.


To enroll, you must elect your contribution amount and designate the investment company to which you want your contributions deposited. Annual contribution limits do apply and are reflected on the salary reduction agreement. You must designate the investment company and investment funds in which your contributions are to be invested by completing an application for the investment company of your choice. Your contribution amount will be withheld on a pay period basis as soon as your enrollment is processed. Please note that contributions to your 403(b) savings account will not commence until the investment company receives your investment fund elections.


You may obtain further information about the Savings Plan by visiting the websites of the investment companies or by calling their toll-free numbers to talk to a representative.











There are limits on when you may withdraw funds from your 403(b) savings account. These limits may be important to you in deciding how much, if any, to contribute to the Savings Plan. Generally you may only withdraw amounts from your 403(b) savings account after you terminate employment with the University, incur a hardship, or wish to take a loan. Also, there is generally an extra 10% tax on distributions before age 59-1/2. Your beneficiary is entitled to any amount remaining in your 403(b) savings account when you die.

Hardship withdrawals are limited to the dollar amount of your contributions. They may not be taken from earnings. Hardship withdrawals must be for a specified reason – for qualifying medical expenses, costs of purchasing your principal residence (or preventing eviction from or foreclosure on your principal residence, or repairing qualifying damages to your principal residence), qualifying post-secondary education expenses, or qualifying burial or funeral expenses. Before you can take a hardship withdrawal, you generally must take a loan. If you take a hardship withdrawal, you may not contribute to the Savings Plan for six months. Hardship withdrawals are administered by the investment companies and are subject to the terms of their hardship withdrawal programs, if any. For further information contact your investment company or the Benefits office at (203) 432-5550.


In most cases, you can borrow certain amounts from your 403(b) savings account. Plan loans are administered by the investment companies and are subject to the terms of their plan loan programs, if any. For further information, contact your investment company or the Benefits office.

New Visa and Passport Services Partner

Need visa or passport services faster, or for a lower cost? CIBT, one of the largest providers of visa and passport services in the United States, is providing the Yale community with centralized customer service and significant savings through its website and customer service center.   As a priority customer, the University has access to CIBT’s Executive Priority helpdesk, a service that is reserved for a small segment of its clientele.

You may access CIBT’s website through www.yale.edu/travel. Click on “Passports & Visas” under General Information, or you may visit them through this link.

CIBT agents are available by phone.  Just call the Help Desk, toll free, at 1-800-577-2428 or email CustomerService@cibt.com

Please remember to always provide the university account number 40634 when calling. As always, should you have any questions, please feel free to call Travel Services at 432-9962.