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Volume 11 Number 12, December 2008

Administrative Services

Reminder: BrioQuery V9 Upgrade: Comparison Testing

Comparison testing of your locally stored queries should begin now. If you have created your own queries or have modified queries from the Brio Users Group (BUG) Report Library, please note that users are responsible for converting and validating their BrioQuery Version 6 custom queries and that BrioQuery Version 6 will no longer be available after February 15, 2009.

For important information regarding the conversion of locally stored queries, see http://www.yale.edu/its/software/brio/. Note that the “Detail" sections created in BrioQuery Version 5 cannot be viewed with Version 9.  Other known issues are described on the project web page here.

To access the project page for important information regarding how to upgrade your Brio queries, click here.

We recognize that some departments and individual clients may need additional query conversion support.  To meet this need, resources will be available until December 19th, 2008.  After this date, conversion assistance resources will become limited.   

Queries from the DataWarehouse Reporting Portal and Brio Users Group (BUG) Report Library have already been converted and automatically run in BrioQuery Version 9.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the project team at Hyperion9Upgrade_ProjectTeam@mailman.yale.edu.


Managed Workstation Program Website

Yale's Managed Workstation program aims to standardize and improve the University's computing environment. Standardization simplifies management, reduces cost and complexity, and improves security.   Yale ITS recently launched a webpage for the program at http://www.yale.edu/its/managedworkstation/.  (Note:  This site is restricted to Yale.)

Password Change Management Tool

As part of Yale’s efforts to increase security, Yale ITS will be introducing a new process for managing passwords at Yale.  Read an update on the password management project on the Yale ITS blog:  http://blogs.yale.edu/roller/page/ITS?entry=password_management_tool_update.

Yale ITS holiday schedule

Yale ITS has published a schedule of services available during the upcoming recess at  http://blogs.yale.edu/roller/page/ITS?entry=2008_holiday_recess_schedule.