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Volume 11 Number 11, November 2008

General Interest

Reminder: ITS Help Desk Resources

The ITS Help Desk is the first point of contact for most computing-related issues at the University. Individuals can contact the ITS Help Desk and, if appropriate, get connected to their support provider.  You can contact the help desk at 432-9000, or 785-3200, or helpdesk@yale.edu.  The Help Desk also works closely with the Client Accounts (CA) team, which provides access to various University and YSM services and applications. CA processes requests to create, delete, or otherwise modify accounts for email, scheduling, back up, Oracle, and BMS 2000.

For more information on getting help at the University, see our website. Also, you can keep up-to-date with recent ITS developments at our blog.

Mail Tip: Where’s My Mail?

More Yale departments seem to be moving than ever before. Whether the move is permanent or temporary, mail needs to be redirected to your new location. Before the date of your move, visit this site, where you will find the forms necessary to notify Campus Mail of your move and to update your payroll signature sheets:

  • Department Moves – For the Central or Science area.
  • Medical Area Moves - Only use this form if you are in the medical area.
  • Payroll Authorizations - Keep your payroll authorizers up to date!

If, after your move, you need a new post office box, or if you will be merging with another department and need to cancel an existing box, call the Campus Mail office at 4-9310. We will open or close the box for you.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Let us know about your move well in advance so that you will receive uninterrupted mail service.