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Volume 11 Number 10, October 2008


Welcome Gifts for New Employees Available from Yale Recycling

If you are new to Yale or have a new employee in your office, contact Yale Recycling to receive a visit from the “Welcome Wagon.”  Yale Recycling will provide new employees with “Welcome” gifts that will help them start their Yale career off on the right footing with respect to the university’s sustainability efforts.

 The gift bag includes a number of items.  The sticky notes are made from recycled and Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper.  The pencils are made from old newsprint and cardboard boxes.  The magnets, to be placed on desk or file cabinet, provide information on what can be recycled and who to contact with questions.  Soon to be arriving are mugs that will replace the all-too-ubiquitous single-use paper cups.

To request a Welcome Wagon visit, let Yale Recycling know the name of the person, department, location, and phone number.  Either call 432-6852 or e-mail recycling@yale.edu.