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Volume 11 Number 10, October 2008

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2009 Annual Benefits Enrollment

This year’s medical and dental annual enrollment is scheduled to begin November 3, 2008, and end November 16, 2008. Flexible spending account elections will be accepted through December 31, 2008.   As with every year, we encourage employees to enroll or make changes to their benefits via employee self-service.  More communication regarding annual enrollment will be sent to employees under separate cover.

There will also be two Benefit Fairs running concurrently on October 29 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., with one on central campus and the other at the School of Medicine. Expect more information shortly.

Accounts Payable Window Moves to 2 Whitney Grove on November 1st

Accounts Payable and all of Procurement will move to 25 Science Park in mid-November of 2008. In anticipation of this move, starting on November 1, the location of the Accounts Payable dropoff and pickup window will move to 2 Whitney Grove (the Treasury Services window on the first floor).

  • The window at 2 Whitney Grove is to be used for the pick up and drop off of all Accounts Payable transactions
  • Accounts Payable staff will not be located at 2 Whitney Grove
  • Accounts Payable Customer Service inquiries should be directed to (203) 432-5394 or to aphelpdesk@yale.edu.
  • Telephones will be available at 2 Whitney Grove should you need to call A/P for assistance.
  • A/P transactions will be couriered between Treasury Services and Accounts Payable
  • Hours of Operation shall be Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • This change applies to window service only—A/P staff will move from 155 Whitney to 25 Science Park in mid-November of 2008

Yale ITS: Secure Computing Campaign

Coinciding with October’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Yale ITS is engaging in a campus-wide awareness campaign.  Look for posters around campus promoting secure computing, phishing awareness, data security, and file-sharing safety.  For more information, see the ITS blog.

Also be sure to check out Yale's Secure Computing website, which offers important information and advice on topics like data classification, computer viruses and other malicious software, and file-sharing.  It also highlights ways to protect your privacy from threats like fraudulent "phishing" emails and identity theft.  The site is organized into four main categories: Protect Your Data, Secure Your Devices, Guard Your Privacy, and Get Help.

NetID Management

For the last year, the departments of Human Resources, Information Technology Services, and Student Financial and Administrative Systems have been jointly working on a project to improve the infrastructure for creating new NetIDs and access to various University systems through the use of Oracle Identity Management software.

While most of the changes will take place behind the scenes, the most visible improvement will be the reduction of turnaround time for NetID creation.   Today, NetIDs are created through an overnight process once a new record is set up in Oracle HR.  Beginning in October, this process will run several times daily and reduce creation time to four hours or less.

Just as important, this phase of implementation lays the groundwork for faster and more efficient provisioning of email accounts and access to various administrative systems over the next few years.

The new software is scheduled to go into production mid-October.

MEDEX Travel Assistance News

We are pleased to announce another successful renewal with MEDEX, Yale’s travel assistance provider, for the academic year of September 1, 2008, to August 31, 2009.  Below are some key points we’d like to highlight and ask you to share with your departments.  Complete program information can be found on the Risk Management website at http://www.yale.edu/riskmanagement.


  • New MEDEX ID cards have been ordered reflecting changes to the “in country” phone number for calling Egypt and the new Orbitz for Business phone numbers. To request a supply of new ID cards, please contact Victoria Ramsay for October delivery.
  • Membership with MEDEX entitles all Yale members access to our custom Yale/MEDEX Online Member Center. The Member Center contains real-time intelligence and country-specific destination information for most countries. Two new features were also added to the MEDEX 360ºm Global Medical Monitor section. The first feature is the database of Medical Phrase Translations, which gives you the ability to communicate with foreign doctors using 180 of the most common medical phrases in more than twenty different languages. The second feature lets you search a database of International Drug Equivalents, comprising more than 8,000 medications – both prescription and over-the-counter – to determine if your medication or an equivalent is available in your destination. To access these new features from within the Member Center, select the 360ºm tab at the top of the homepage.  Go to the “Tools & Reports” icon or simply view these features while within any country destination.
  • Finally, no changes have been made to the coverage, terms, conditions or exclusions for this policy year, as found in the online Program Description Guide.  Note also that the Program Description Guide is available online and no longer as a handout for distribution.


  • MEDEX is Yale’s travel assistance program provider, supplying international and domestic emergency medical, security and travel assistance services available anywhere in the world 24/7/365. It applies to business and personal travel 100 miles or more away from your permanent residence and allows uninterrupted coverage through August 31 for graduating seniors. Yale has two pertinent ID numbers: the group ID number (“YALE”) and the MEDEX ID number (364416).  
  • It is important, prior to travel, to understand coverage terms and conditions, as described in the online Program Description Guide, and to secure an ID card for your wallet and/or passport. Note that MEDEX is not a type of health or travel insurance and should not be confused with member enrollment at University Health Services.  Students, faculty or staff dependants who are members of the health plan are not automatically covered under MEDEX.


  • Coverage is mandatory and automatic for all Yale students and employees. This includes the following primary member classifications: casual employees (while actively working only); clerical and technical employees; faculty; visiting faculty; managerial and professional employees; postdoctoral associates; postdoctoral fellows; J & J scholars; service and maintenance employees; retired professor emeritus; all students, including students on “approved leave” status; non-Yale students and scholars enrolled in a Yale-sponsored program (coverage applies for the duration of the program only). Note that spouses and legal dependants are covered when traveling with the primary Yale employee or student (member). They are not automatically covered when traveling independant of the Yale primary member.
  • The classifications below are not automatically covered under our program, although members of them are eligible if traveling on Yale business with a Yale-sponsored program (see Small Group Plan below for more information): alumni; associates (spouses of employees and retirees); retirees (except retired professor emeritus, who already have coverage); consultants (employees of other firms working at Yale as consultants); conferees (conference attendees); volunteers; spouses and legal dependants (unless traveling with the Yale primary member).
  • With respect to dependants, they shall be limited to spouse and children under the age of nineteen and living with the member, or up to age 23 and a full-time student.  Moreover, domestic partners who have a civil union recognized by the state of Connecticut are eligible for dependant coverage. To add dependants not traveling with a Yale primary member, contact Diana Winslow at MEDEX directly at dwinslow@medexassist.com from your Yale email address. Note that there are two available options: $4 per dependant per month and/or yearly at $48.00.  MEDEX will issue a personalized ID card for each dependant enrolled, or you may opt for the “Small Group Plan,” under which non-Yale chaperones, consultants, volunteers, and others traveling with a University-sponsored program are eligible for $4 per person per month.


  • Note MEDEX coverage can continue uninterrupted for students who travel after graduation as a result of a Yale-sponsored grant, fellowship or program, and will continue for the duration of the award or program.  Because student status changes from “active student” to “alumni” after graduation, it is necessary to notify MEDEX of the names of students desiring uninterrupted coverage. Program leaders can follow the steps listed for the Small Group enrollment, excluding the fees. 


  • To satisfy visa requirements of governments and programs that require proof of coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation coverage, a link to MEDEX’s “Verification of Coverage” letter is available for users to personalize and complete according to the coverage requirements needed.


  • When referencing Yale’s MEDEX program in your departmental news, kindly use the link to the Risk Management website.  The Risk Management website contains the most current information pertinent to Yale’s program.  Program changes, instructions or updates will be updated immediately as they occur. 
  • In an effort to constantly improve our program, your feedback regarding your experiences with MEDEX is not only helpful but greatly appreciated and welcomed.  Contact Vicki Ramsay at victoria.ramsay@yale.edu or at 432-8258.


  • The Yale and the World Website contains valuable travel resources including an emergency travel plan, safety tips, checklists and guidelines for travelers and group leaders traveling abroad.  This information can be found at http://world.yale.edu/abroad/travel_resources.html
  • And don’t forget to register your travel if you leave the United States. Please take a few minutes to complete the emergency travel and contact form at http://world.yale.edu/travelform/.  The information you provide will be used by the Office of the Secretary to reach you in the event of an emergency.

New Process for Sending Messages to Large F&A Audiences

To support F&A’s mission to make it easier to work at Yale, a team of F&A colleagues has updated the process for sending broadcast messages to the F&A community. Our goal is to ensure that messages are clear and concise and to streamline our email traffic. Some messages may be more appropriate in newsletters, on web pages, or shared during meetings.

This form outlines, step by step, everything you need to include in every message that goes out to the F&A community. Taking 10 minutes to fill out this form will help to improve the effectiveness of your communication and ensure that the communications team has all the information it needs to send your message in a timely manner. Messages submitted without this form will not be sent out. You can find the new Message Request Form online, along with a diagram that outlines the new process, and a list of frequently asked questions.

A number of your F&A colleagues have piloted this process, and they provided valuable feedback to make it as helpful as possible. Please contact jane.livingston@yale.edu or janet.lindner@yale.edu if you have any questions.