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Volume 11 Number 9, September 2008


Reminder:  Deadlines and Schedules for Submitting Payroll

The Division of Finance maintains Payroll Schedules and Calendars on its website. Check there for information about pay periods, when checks are distributed, etc. The September calendar is currently available.

Prepare Now for the BrioQuery Version 9 Upgrade

The University will be phasing out the use of BrioQuery Version 6 and upgrading to the new BrioQuery Version 9 in the Fall of 2008. Hyperion Corporation has discontinued support of BrioQuery Version 6.  Gwen Sykes, Chief Financial Officer and the functional owner of the University’s financial reporting platform, has determined it is essential for Yale to upgrade to BrioQuery Version 9 to have reliable access to technical support for this reporting application. You can begin preparing now.

If you only use queries from the BUG Report Library or those from the DataWarehouse Portal, you will not need to convert your queries.  Reports from these sources will be converted for you.  After the upgrade, these reports will automatically run in the upgraded version and will look the same as they do today.

If you create your own queries or have modified queries from the BUG Report Library, please review the following information.

Some queries contain "Detail" sections that must be converted to reports to enable viewing in BrioQuery Version 9.  For information about the differences between a "Detail" and Report section, click here.  You may need to "unhide" all sections to view all "Detail" sections.  To view hidden sections, go to the "View Menu" and choose "Unhide Section."

If you have a query that contains a "Detail" section, it will need to be converted before you open the query in BrioQuery Version 9.  Follow these instructions to convert your BrioQuery Version 5 "Detail" section to BrioQuery Version 6 Report by following these simple steps.

When Yale converts to Version 9, your Brio Version 6 queries with report sections will automatically open and run in Version 9.

Queries with complicated formatting, outer joins, or fields including both calculations and text will require additional modifications.  Contact dw.usersupport@yale.edu for assistance.

Remember that to ensure the accuracy of your queries, it is imperative that you reconcile results back to standard university reports run from the Data Warehouse Portal or BUG Library.

Risk Management: New Process for Certificates of Insurance Effective Now

The University has implemented a change in the way we respond to requests for certificates of insurance. Vendors and other certificate requesters can now obtain insurance information online, and view and print copies of Memorandums of Insurance (MOI) at any time. This ability not only provides you with more accurate and timely information, it also helps to streamline the process and lessen the amount of time and resources involved for all parties. Certificate requests will no longer need to be sent to the Office of Risk Management.

The online MOI will serve as evidence that Yale has purchased insurance protection from financially sound insurers. This online service is provided through Yale’s insurance broker, Marsh. As such, requesters will be asked to read and agree to the terms and conditions of service from Marsh prior to printing or viewing Yale’s MOI.

Presently vendors that ask for “proof of insurance” should be directed to the Office of Risk Management website. From there, they will be directed to click the MOI link.

Please note that we will no longer be issuing hard copy paper certificates of insurance except in instances where the coverage and/or limits shown on the MOI do not meet the requirements of written agreements or contracts. Current Certificate Holders who expect a renewal certificate of insurance in the mail will instead be sent a letter explaining how they can now access the MOI through this new process.

Excluded from this new process is general liability and medical malpractice liability coverage for the Yale School of Medicine, School of Nursing, University Health Services, or any other medical service-related departments, as that coverage is not placed through the Office of Risk Management. Certificates of Insurance Requests for liability coverage only must be obtained by the Office of Legal Affairs and Risk Management at Yale-New Haven Hospital. They can be reached at 203-688-2291. Proof of all other lines of coverage (property insurance, automobile liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, etc.) for those schools and department areas can be obtained via use of the MOI link.

There is a contact person from Marsh listed on the Memorandum website. That contact person is available to assist those visiting the MOI website. If you have any questions regarding this new process and/or how it may affect the needs of your department, please contact Vicki Ramsay at 2-8258, or at victoria.ramsay@yale.edu