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Volume 11 Number 8, August 2008

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BrioQuery v9 and Data Warehouse Reporting Portal Upgrades

Gwen Sykes, Chief Financial Officer and the functional owner of the University’s financial reporting platform, has determined it essential for Yale to upgrade to Hyperion System 9.3.2 and Hyperion Interactive Reporting Studio v9 (BrioQuery), in order to have reliable access to technical support for these reporting applications. She made this determination in close consultation with Steve Murphy, Associate Vice President for Business Operations, along with colleagues in ITS.

Hyperion has discontinued its support of BrioQuery v6 and Hyperion 8.3.2. While these applications will continue to work as they always have, a change in external factors, like the release of a critical operating system upgrade, a security patch, or changes in database structures may cause the environments to become unstable. Without Hyperion’s support, no remedial action would be available and critical business reporting could be suddenly and severely impacted.

So what can you expect as a result of these changes?  With respect to Hyperion Interactive Reporting Studio v9 (BrioQuery) and the BUG Report Library, please anticipate the following:

  • The upgrade is planned for the weekend of September 27 to correspond with the annual Oracle upgrade.
  • All queries contained in the BUG Report Library will be upgraded to v9 by ITS.
  • If you wish to continue using queries, other than those in the BUG Report Library, you will need to upgrade them to v9. For most people, opening a v6 query in v9 and saving it in v9 is all that is necessary.  (Note that  highly formatted reports may need additional design.)
  • If you upgraded your BrioQuery v5 queries and reports to v6 during the last BrioQuery upgrade in June 2005, then you should not experience any problems when upgrading and opening your queries in v9.
  • The Hyperion Interactive Reporting Studio v9 looks and acts very much like BrioQuery v6 and is available in the YAMS menu under Yale Developer Tools.
    • If you are using a “Managed Desktop” please consult with your DSP before using v9.
  • The Hyperion Upgrade Project Team will create a support network for you, if you have questions or need assistance with your v5 queries and if you rely on BrioQuery v5 queries for mission critical tasks.

With respect to the Data Warehouse Reporting Portal - Hyperion System 9.3.2 - please note the following:

  • The upgrade is planned for the weekend of October 20.
  • All existing schedules and parameters will migrate seamlessly to the new system so there will be no need to recreate them.
  • There are some interface changes and the new system incorporates some common Windows features. Feedback from business managers who have previewed the system has been positive.
  • Auditorium-style demonstration sessions will be held on both the central and medical campuses. Hands-on workshops will be offered and documentation will be available on the web.