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Volume 11 Number 8, August 2008

Administrative Services

Finance and Administration Is on the Move

Shauna King recently issued an up-date on the progress that Finance and Administration (F&A) is making with its office moves. She announced that the floor plans have been finalized and construction is underway at 25 Science Park. Relocations will begin in mid-October 2008 and end in April 2009, although not all F&A units will move to 25 Science Park; some will remain in their current locations and others will relocate along the Whitney corridor.

Some key changes addressed in the course of the move include the hiring of a Move Coordinator, the addition of a new shuttle route to and from 25 Science Park, and construction of a parking garage beginning late 2008. Plans to improve the lighting and security of the Science Park area are also underway. For additional information about the move, read more.