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Volume 11 Number 7, July 2008

Administrative Services

Surplus Furniture Now Available

Please check out the Surplus Furniture Program from our Traffic, Receiving, and Stores (TR&S) department. TR&S has added Surplus Furniture Online to its website, offering you the opportunity to view current inventory from the comfort of your home or office. The site is updated each day by 9 a.m. and provides descriptions (such as size and color) as well as photographs of the items available for purchase. Note that chairs, tables, sofas, file cabinets, desks and more arrive daily. If you’re looking for particular items, contact Dave Moore at 764-9308 to inquire about your specific needs.

Note that surplus furniture is sold as is. Heavy discounts apply to Yale departments as well as personal sales to faculty and staff. Delivery is available for a nominal charge to any Yale facility.

If your department has unwanted furniture in good condition, TR&S runs daily pick-ups. We can remove used or unwanted office furniture, from a single piece to an entire department’s holdings. Call Gerry Apuzzo at 764-9307 to schedule a pick-up.

New Program for Recycling Office Supplies and Metal

During June, Yale Recycling launched a new program that now allows everyone on campus to recycle scrap metal and exchange used supplies for reuse by others. Brown carts labeled “Supplies Exchange” were delivered to recycling sites during June.

Members of the Yale community are encouraged to place in these carts any unwanted but clean and usable supplies from offices and other work areas. Supplies that can be exchanged include paper, pens, paper clips, letter trays, white boards, and hanging folders. Other items, such as clothing, can also be placed inside the carts. Yale community members are encouraged to check the carts for useful items that they can take. It is hoped that through this exchange program valuable resources will find their way from those who no longer need them to those who do.

Gray carts labeled “Metal” allow for the recycling of small scrap metal items that might otherwise be discarded with trash. Items must be 90% or more metal and can include nuts, bolts, pipes, power cables, broken office items (such as letter trays), and bent hangers. For large items, such as metal desks, please contact the Grounds Maintenance department for bulk pick up.

For more information on the location of the nearest cart or to request delivery of an extra set of carts inside your building, please contact Yale Recycling at 432-6852 or email us at recycling@yale.edu. Yale Recycling can also provide these carts on a short-term basis to assist with room clean-out operations.

Dormitory Mattresses Sent to Hurricane-Ravaged Caribbean instead of Dumpsters

Scoring a double-win for the environment and for charitable giving, Yale facilities sent more than 400 dormitory mattresses to Haiti during June.

Continuing a tradition begun last year, Yale Custodial Services and Recycling loaded two international shipping containers with more than 200 mattresses each. Student workers swapped the mattresses out of Yale’s Old Campus and residential college student rooms as new mattresses were put in place. The old mattresses will find new life in Haiti through a program administered by Food for the Poor, an international aid organization. Food for the Poor will use them in its efforts to provide disaster relief and promote economic development. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

Sending the mattresses to Haiti eliminated the need for the six 30-cubic yard roll-off trash dumpsters that would have otherwise been required to transport the fourteen tons of mattresses to a waste landfill.