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Volume 11 Number 6, June 2008

General Interest

Reminder: ITS Help Desk Resources

The ITS Help Desk is the first point of contact for most computing-related issues at the University. Individuals can contact the ITS Help Desk and, if appropriate, get connected to their support provider.  You can contact the help desk at 432-9000, or 785-3200, or helpdesk@yale.edu.  The Help Desk also works closely with the Client Accounts (CA) team, which provides access to various University and YSM services and applications. CA processes requests to create, delete, or otherwise modify accounts for email, scheduling, back up, Oracle, and BMS 2000.

For more information on getting help at the University, see our website. Also, you can keep up-to-date with recent ITS developments at our blog.

Mail Tip: Reminders for Departing Faculty & Staff

We are once again approaching the end of the school year and seeing the departure of many students, faculty, and staff. Please remind anyone who is departing not to fill out a Change of Address card with the U.S. Post Office since it will only be returned to the department for handling. So what should anyone who will be away from Yale do?

  1. Prepare a sheet of labels with the departing individual's new address so you can easily forward mail. This sheet can be photocopied as needed. And don't forget to cross out the bar codes, which are the lines and numbers that appear on both the front and back of the mail piece.
  2. Set a time limit for forwarding mail. Three months is usually sufficient for departing individuals to update their address. If they haven’t done it by then, they probably don’t want to receive the forwarded mail at that point.
  3. Use the Junk Mail Program after the three-month period for their mail. See http://www.yale.edu/campusmail/JunkMail/JunkMailDept.htm for more details.
  4. Check if the departing person is authorized to sign payroll checks and deposit receipts. If so, don’t forget to remove them from Campus Mail’s list by using this form http://www.yale.edu/campusmail/Forms/payroll%20authorizers.xls. You can add others to the Payroll Authorization List at the same time.

By adopting these four simple steps, you will save your department a lot of time and effort.

Family and Community Archives Project: Historical Collaboration between Yale Archivists and New Haven Students

Students from New Haven’s Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School and archivists from the Yale University Library recently collaborated on the Family and Community Archives Project (FCAP).

In response to the call for action by the Society of American Archivists to develop a more diverse archival workforce, twenty-one Yale University Library archivists conceived the Family and Community Archives Project to introduce New Haven high school students to the archival profession and the work of professional archivists. Over nine weeks, 113 students and their teachers in the class “United States History II” were introduced to archives and learned basic archival concepts.  During this process students were taught how to do primary research, how care for photographs, documents, and artifacts, and how to display them.

The students also toured the department of Manuscripts and Archives at Sterling Memorial Library and heard from guest speaker, David Blight, the Class of 1954 Professor of American History and Director of the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition at Yale.

The project, culminating as an exhibition at Sterling Memorial Library that officially opened on May 28th, features materials put together by the students that tell the stories of their families and neighborhoods.

Christine Weideman, Director of Manuscripts and Archives, said, “This project has been very rewarding. We want to thank the school administrators and teachers for allowing us into their classrooms and supporting our efforts. The students now have a better understanding of how the past is saved and its importance to their identity and that of New Haven. The archivists have also had the chance to interact with and encourage members of the next generation of archivists, history scholars, and family and town historians.”

The students’ exhibition will be on display in Sterling Memorial Library’s exhibit corridor (120 High Street) from May 27 until the end of July. It is free and open to the public.

Weight Watchers at Yale

A new 12-week series begins June 5th, 2008, on Thursdays from 11:30-12:15 at the School of Management, 52 Hillhouse Ave, Rm A-48. The program cost is $152 for the 12-week session, due at the first meeting. For further information contact carol.mariani@yale.edu or call 432-7394.