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Volume 11 Number 5, May 2008

General Interest

Reminder: ITS Help Desk Resources

The ITS Help Desk is the first point of contact for most computing-related issues at the University. Anyone can contact the ITS Help Desk and, if appropriate, get connected to their support provider.  You can contact the help desk at 432-9000, or 785-3200, or helpdesk@yale.edu.  The Help Desk also works closely with the Client Accounts (CA) team, which provides access to various University and YSM services and applications. Client Accounts processes requests to create, delete, or otherwise modify accounts for email, scheduling, back up, Oracle and BMS 2000.

For more information on getting help at the University, see our website. Also, you can keep up-to-date with recent ITS developments at our blog.

Mail Tip: "Please Forward"

Oftentimes departments will write “Please forward” on mail for an employee who has moved on, but Mail Services doesn't know where it should be forwarded. A few guidelines will help:

1.) When a person leaves your department, print up labels with the words "FORWARD TO" and the correct address info on them (run off extra sheets on a copy machine). When mail arrives for that person, just apply a label over the address portion of the original address leaving only the person's name showing, cross off the bar codes, and put it in your outgoing US mail.

2.) Advise anyone leaving that you will forward mail for a short time, say three months. After that, their mail will be sent to the Junk Mail Program for canceling. This will give the person ample time to advise their correspondents of their new address.

3.) Use the Junk Mail Program. Mail will be cancelled, saving you the job of doing it. Simply keep a bucket in your office with a sign on it "JUNK MAIL". Whenever you receive mail for that person, or any mail for your department that you do not want to receive, just throw it in the bucket. When the bucket is full, tape the sign on top of the bucket and put it with your outgoing campus mail for our mail carriers. All mail in that bucket will be cancelled for you.