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Volume 11 Number 4, April 2008

Administrative Services

Discount Airlines Added to Orbitz for Business

Yale’s Orbitz for Business online booking tool has added Southwest Airlines content to the search display beginning in Q4 FY08. This enhancement follows on the recent welcome in November 2007 of jetBlue Airways inventory to the tool. Adding these two low-cost carriers provides greater airline selection to our travelers and eliminates the need to search multiple web sites for savings.

Additionally, jetBlue has introduced refundable air fares for travelers requiring more flexibility in their travel plans. Refundable fares allow travelers to make unlimited changes to reservations, including the passenger name, or receive a full refund for cancellation prior to departure. Though these fares will be $50-$100 higher than jetBlue’s nonrefundable tickets, the fares, depending on the market, could still be lower than other scheduled airlines’ pricing. As always, travelers should select the least costly fare consistent with the itinerary and the particular business requirements of the trip.