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Volume 11 Number 3, March 2008


New Business Manager Meeting Structure

Business Operations, a division of Finance & Administration, has implemented a new coordinated meeting time structure so that business managers and other key administrators receive the information they need to do their jobs effectively. A complete description of these changes and a quick reference guide are available online.

The new structure is an evolution of meetings already in place. The main changes include: i) clarifying the roles of the different meetings and identifying any duplication or gaps; ii) formalizing the connection of the meetings with each other and the organization in general; and iii) renaming the meetings for consistency and clarity. We expect this structure will continue to evolve over time as the conveners and participants identify ways to improve it.

If you have comments or questions about the new structure, please contact Jim Kammerman, Senior Operations Manager for Business Operations (432-4081) or the convener of the relevant meeting.