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Volume 11 Number 3, March 2008

Administrative Services

More Zipcars on campus (including a Mini Cooper!)

The Yale University Zipcar fleet has expanded from 6 to 9 vehicles, and one of the new cars is a Mini Cooper.

Zipcar provides self-service vehicles available for use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One advantage of Zipcar is that members enjoy the freedom to walk, bicycle, carpool, or use transit to get to campus, knowing they have access to a car on campus when needed.

Membership, which all faculty, staff and students aged 18+ are eligible for, costs $35 per year. That fee is refunded in the form of driving credit if members reserve a car within the first month of their membership. Rental rates are $8.50 per hour/$65 per day, excluding the Mini, which costs $10.50/hour. Gas, maintenance, insurance and reserved parking are included in the hourly and daily rates. Cars may be reserved for up to 4 days at a time. The Yale fleet is parked at 5 different locations on campus. Members also have access to Zipcars when traveling in numerous other North American cities and London.

To learn more about how Zipcar works and to become a member, go to www.zipcar.com/yale or email holly.parker@yale.edu.