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Volume 11 Number 2, February 2008

Human Resources

AHAA Offering Discounted Hearing Aids and Supplies to Yale Community

Effective January 1, 2008, Yale University has joined with AHAA (American Hearing Aid Associates) to offer you and your family* great discounts when purchasing hearing aids and supplies. When presenting your Yale ID card, the plan offers:

  • Greater of 30% off manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP) or $250.00 off usual and customary price. 
  • Free batteries for the life of the hearing aid (two packages per quarter).*
  • Free quarterly cleanings and adjustments.**
  • Free yearly hearing aid evaluations.**
  • Free first-year loss and damage insurance.**
  • Free first-year repair warranty (two years on some models).**

To access benefits: visit Yale’s Preferred Provider, Yale Hearing & Balance Center, 800 Howard Avenue, 4th floor, New Haven, CT 06519, 203-785-2467, or visit one of over 2,900 locations or call us at 800-984-3272.

*Immediate and extended family members, provided you accompany them at time of purchase.

**Services available only from the original dispenser/merchant.


Flexible Spending Account Claims “Grace Period”

Flexible Spending Account participants have a “grace period” lasting until March 15, 2008 to incur eligible expenses for reimbursement from their 2007 accounts. These claims must be submitted to ADP no later than April 30, 2008 to avoid forfeiting 2007 money.

Reminder about process: All flexible spending claims for reimbursement should be submitted directly to ADP, and not to the Yale Benefits Office. We have ADP claims forms online with detailed instructions. Claims with the accompanying expense information can be sent to ADP either by U.S. mail or faxed toll free to the number listed on the claim form. Any questions regarding participants’ FSA expense claims should be directed to ADP by calling their Participant Solution Center at 1-800-654-6695.

Newly hired employees and employees who experience an appropriate qualifying status change event may enroll in a health care flexible spending account or dependent care flexible spending account within 30 days from the date of employment or qualifying event.  Please direct interested employees to the Yale Benefits Office for FSA enrollment or to review an appropriate qualifying status event.  The employee will need to fill out a 2008 FSA Election Form.


New Office Hours and Client Assignments for Benefits Office

Reminder: In an effort to improve the delivery of benefits service, we implemented new business hours and a new client assignment structure which went into effect last July.

  • The Benefits Office at 155 Whitney Avenue, Room 130 will be open for business Monday through Friday, 8:30a.m.- 5 p.m. Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Our main phone number is 203-432-5550 and our e-mail address is benefits.office@yale.edu.
  • The Benefits Office is structured into two teams. A Health & Welfare counselor and a Retirement counselor have been assigned to your department. You can access the HR client assignment online.

We welcome feedback on this effort to improve delivery of benefits services to the Yale community. Please feel free to contact Julie Kimball, Associate Director of Benefits, at julie.kimball@yale.edu or via phone at 432-5553 with questions or concerns.


Backup Child Care

Reminder: It’s never too early to register for backup child care services. Current Yale faculty, students and staff are eligible for 40 hours of subsidized backup child care per fiscal year. (The new year for this service began July 1, 2007 and runs through June 30, 2008.)

When traveling for work to meetings or conferences, Caregivers On Call may be able to provide parents with on-site child care. They have a national network with access to providers in all 50 states, including major metropolitan areas and smaller communities. Visit our website for more information or call 432-8069.


Child Care Directory

The Online Child Care Directory is available now. Request a printed copy at worklife@yale.edu. Be sure to include your name and on-campus address.