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Workers Compensation

The Department of Employee Health:
What to do if an Employee is Injured While on the Job

Employees who sustain NON-EMERGENT INJURIES should first contact their supervisor to report the injury.

If the employee needs to seek medical treatment, they are encouraged to CALL the employee health department first at 432-7978 to obtain an appointment time to see a medical provider.  The department usually has several same day appointment times reserved for employees who require a same day medical visit for job related injuries.

Having an appointment time is often much more convenient for the employee and reduces the long waiting times that can occur when patients arrive without an appointment.  If the employee is able to take the appointment time, but requests some interim medical advice about what to do while waiting for the appointment, they can ask to speak to the employee health nurse for advice about initial over the counter remedies or safe activity levels while they wait.

Any patient who needs immediate medical assistance can still be referred to the YUHS Urgent Care facility if necessary.  The above information may be useful for those with chronic injuries, injuries that happened several days prior to the report, and other less urgent types of injuries.