Administrative Services
Mail Tips

Improving Campus Mail Distribution

Here are a few quick tips that will help your mail arrive without delay:

  1. Your Outgoing Mail: Don't mix your outgoing campus and US Mail. Expensive delays result if departments mix mail and it is not caught by Campus Mail personnel.
  2. Include Department Name: The department name is necessary on all campus mail. Avoid using just an address such as 100 CSS or 2 Whitney; buildings frequently have multiple departments.
    • Looking up addresses slows your mail and is time-consuming and expensive.
    • For campus mail, always use the person's name, department and campus address.
  3. Large Mailings: If your mailing fills more than one white mail bucket, don't forget to call the Campus Mail office at 4-9310 the day before to let us know you have a large mailing to be picked up. If we don't know about your mailing, we may not have room for it on our truck.
  4. Large Mailings must be sorted: Sort by mail code if included in the address
    • MAILING TO CENTRAL & SCIENCE AREAS: Sort by street address. Rubber band each address of two or more separately. For example, all for 17 Hillhouse would go in one bundle, 10 Hillhouse would be in another bundle.
    • MAILING TO MEDICAL AREA: Sort by department. Rubber band each department separately.
  5. Used Campus Envelopes - If you have a supply of campus envelopes that you would like to get rid of, bundle them together or put them in a white mail bucket with a sign on top: Empty Envelopes, 100 JMD. Put them with your outgoing mail and a mail delivery driver will pick them up. They will be distributed to other departments when needed.
  6. Junk Mail Program - Use the Junk Mail Program for all mail you do not want to continue to receive. Learn more about the program here.