Human Resource Services
New-Parent Packet

Send New Yale Parents a New Parent Packet!

Balancing work with the arrival of a new child can be difficult, Yale offers parents (faculty, staff and postdocs) support to make the transition a little easier. As a component of Yale’s WorkLife program, which is designed to “improve the quality of life for members of the Yale Community and their families,” the Department of Human Resources sends University employees and students who adopt or give birth to children a “New Parent Packet” containing helpful information to ease the daily challenge of balancing work and family life.

The packet includes a gift for the child and a wealth of information for parents about University services such as babysitting and day care as well as tips and advice on flexible work schedules. The packet even comes with a selection of “favorite songs, games and art activities” compiled for children by the staff of Yale’s affiliated child-care programs.

To request that a New Parent Packet be sent out or for more information, please e-mail or call Susan Abramson at 2-8069 with the following information:

  • Parent name
  • Yale affiliation (Faculty, M&P, C&T, S&M, Postdoc, Graduate or professional student)
  • Home address
  • Child's date of birth (for size appropriate gift)

If you are requesting a packet on behalf of a new parent, please notify the parent that you are providing the WorkLife Program with their information.