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Auto Insurance Liability and Collision Damage Added for Business Rentals

As of July 1, 2007, insurance coverage for auto liability and collision damage is automatically added to business rental agreements for Hertz, Avis and Enterprise rental car contracts.  This applies to all Yale business rentals in the contiguous United States when using the corresponding Yale corporate ID numbers. 

Simply put, the benefit of using Hertz, Avis or Enterprise for your next business auto rental is this.  Should an accident or property damage occur with the rented vehicle, the loss is the responsibility of the rental car company, not the University.  In addition, there will be NO deductible charged to the department having the loss because it will not go against University insurance.  

For rentals in Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, travelers should continue to decline the insurance coverage as Yale’s self-insurance would apply in these cases.  For all other international rentals, insurance coverage should be purchased as per Travel Procedure 3301 PR.01.

Since July 1st when this went into effect, four auto accidents have occurred thereby averting losses for the University estimated at $62,500.  For this reason, we encourage all business rentals be made using these three preferred car rental companies.  The Yale ID number must be provided for all bookings at the time the reservation is made.  For further details, please visit and click on Car Rentals.

When your travelers use Orbitz for Business to book their rentals, the Yale ID numbers are automatically appended to the booking when they select the “preferred’ Hertz, Avis or Enterprise rental that best suits their business needs.

For more information, please contact Pete LeMay, Risk Management or Bob Zartarian at Yale Travel.