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Zipcars are Here!

Zipcar, a company that provides self-service vehicles available for use 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is partnering with Yale to improve transportation options for the university community. Zipcar's introduction to campus is one component of a comprehensive sustainable transportation program, the goal of which is to reduce the number of single-occupant vehicles brought to campus each day. Three of the six vehicles on campus are Prius hybrids, the other three cars are fuel-efficient models: two Toyota Matrix and a Mazda 3.

Walk, bicycle, carpool, vanpool, or ride the train or bus to campus with the comfort of knowing you still have access to a car if needed.

The fuel-efficient cars are available to all faculty, staff and students aged 18+, with gas, maintenance, insurance and reserved parking included in the $8.50 hourly rate ($65 per day). Cars may be reserved for up to 4 days at a time. Membership in Zipcar costs $35 per year, with the $35 fee refunded in the form of driving credit if you reserve a car within the first month of your membership.

Cars are located in 5 campus locations. Two cars are parked at the School of Medicine campus in the lot at College and Congress Streets, and the remainder on the central campus at the Ingalls Rink, Payne Whitney Gym, 221 Whitney Ave, and behind Hendrie Hall at Temple & Wall.

How does it work?

  • Become a member at (you must have a valid U.S. or foreign driver's license).
  • Receive a "Zipcard" in the mail that serves as your "key."
  • Make a reservation online.
  • Pick up the car at the reserved location (note: the cars must be returned to the same location at which they were picked up).
  • Wave your Zipcard over the electronic reader in the windshield, and the car unlocks for you.
  • Use the ignition key, on a retractable cord near the steering column.
  • Drive!

If you have questions, please visit Zipcar's website at or email