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Correction to September 2007 Article:
MEDEX SECURE Travel Assistance Program Enhancements

It was previously reported legal dependents traveling with Yale faculty or staff on University business (only) will be automatically covered under the University MEDEX program and no longer need to enroll.

We’re happy to report this has been clarified to include University business and Personal travel.

Effective Sept. 01, 2007, spouses and legal dependents when traveling with a Yale employee (member) are automatically covered and do not need to enroll.

Coverage for Dependents Not Traveling With You:

Spouses and legal dependents of employees who intend to travel by themselves without the escort of the covered Yale member are not automatically enrolled in MEDEX.

Coverage is available to these dependents at $4.00 per month. To enroll, the Yale member must contact MEDEX directly from their email address to request dependent enrollment. Please contact Diana Winslow, at

For more details or information, please contact Vicki Ramsay at or at 432-8285.