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Correct Yale Mailing Lists

A new academic year has just begun.  Since many persons and departments are not in the same location they were last year at this time, it is important that you take a few minutes now to review your Yale mailing lists to be absolutely certain your message reaches the intended recipients.  Make certain that the people are still associated with Yale and that their campus address is valid.

For example, Gerald Thomas is no longer the Master of Davenport College.  He left in 2001.  Susan Wennemry and Peter Quimby, former Dean, left three years ago.  These people are still receiving campus mailings addressed to them at Davenport College.  Repeated requests to have their names removed have not been successful. 

Before your next mailing is sent out, take a few minutes every year to check the addresses.  Two sources you might use are:

  1. The Yale telephone directory
  2. The People Finder in Oracle

If you receive a notice from a department that the person you are sending to has moved, take a moment then to update your mailing list.  Departments will appreciate your efforts.