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MEDEX Travel Assistance News:
Announcing MEDEX 360º m Global Medical Monitor

As part of our MEDEX program, the MEDEX Member Center Portal now includes a comprehensive health information resource for international travelers called MEDEX 360º m Global Medical Monitor.

This new feature provides access to destination-specific health information for 236 countries and territories, where you’ll find information on Medical Care, Diseases and Health Risks, Vaccinations and Immunizations, Emergency Services, Hospital Care & Locations, and much more.  In addition, a medical rating system lets you quickly evaluate the health care situation in a country, so that you know how to best prepare yourself for your next trip abroad.

To access, existing portal users can simply log on to the Member Center at and select the MEDEX 360º m tab at the top of the Home page.  Employees and students who have not yet created an account on the portal must first do so. For easy instructions on setting up your personal account, please visit the Risk Management website by clicking here.