JSA / GL Deadlines

JSA / GL Closing Deadlines

September 28, Friday -  Final AP daily push to the GL for September 2007.

October 2, Tuesday
- 3:00 PM - Deadline for approval of SWAP transactions for September 2007.

October 2, Tuesday - 5:00 PM - Deadline for SFTP of external source system batches for September 2007.

October 3, Wednesday - 3:00 PM - Deadline for JSA authorization and LD distribution adjustments for September 2007.

October 4, Thursday - 8:30 AM - Authorization may begin for October 2007 JSA batches and LD distribution adjustments.

October 5, Friday - First AP push to the GL for October 2007.

October 5, Friday - 5:00 PM - September 2007 GL closing.

October 8, Monday - 8:30 AM - Final September 2007 GL balance information including fund balance updates available in the Data Warehouse.

October 8, Monday morning - The Month End event begins in the DW.  Portal Users scheduled to receive Month End reports will get them throughout the day and possibly the next day.

The Account Holder Report by Person and the Account Holder Report by PTAO are available in the Hyperion (Data Warehouse) Portal.  For demonstrations of the new reports, visit the Monthly Financial Review website located at: .

If you have any questions or comments, please contact your local support provider ( or the ITS Help Desk at 785-3200, 432-9000 or

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