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Understanding Campus Mail

How long does it take for a campus envelope to be delivered? How is your campus mail routed around campus? What can you do to insure quick, accurate delivery?

Campus Mail services more than 230 departments around campus, delivering and picking up both US and Campus mail. Each week the Central Mailroom alone handles more than 1,100 pieces of campus mail. Let's take a minute to look at how this mail is distributed:

Central and science areas: We utilize four delivery routes to pick up mail US and campus mail once a day in the morning. All routes leave the central mailroom at 8:30 am loaded with the previous days campus mail. Each stop receives one campus mail/US mail drop off and pick up. All picked up mail is brought back to the central mailroom where it is sorted and prepared for delivery the following morning. US Mail is taken to the US Postal Service terminal on Brewery Street by 2 PM daily. Large mailings received at the Central Mailroom are almost always sorted the same day they are received and delivered with the next campus mail delivery. Your mail is picked up one morning and delivered the following morning.

Medical area: All departments or their authorized agent go to the mailroom in the basement of SHM to pick up and/or drop off their mail at their convenience. Incoming mail is sorted and is ready to be picked up throughout the day. Mail for the Yale-New Haven Hospital is directed through the medical mailroom.

What can slow your mail? An inaccurate or incomplete address. Simply writing "Sue, business office" or "IRQNJ" on the envelope will definitely cause delays.

Insure quick, accurate delivery:

  1. Know your pick up time. Be sure to put your outgoing mail out for pick up before your department's pick up time.
  2. Use official Yale University Inter-Departmental Mail envelopes. The require the necessary information for correct delivery and they cost less than going to an outside source. Order your envelopes HERE.
  3. Use a complete campus address including person's name, department name and campus address. Unsure if an address is a campus address? Check pages ix-xii of your Yale Directory. If the address is listed under the "Campus Mail" column, it receives a campus mail delivery.