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New 13-Ounce Mail Rule

According to the US Postal Service, a new Postal Service rule is now in effect for packages and envelopes that weigh more than 13-ounces. This impacts mail addressed with stamps for postage being mailed at a location other than a Post office retail service counter.

This new US Postal Service rule applies to stamped items only. Yale Mail Service is still able to pick up your letters and packages as before for delivery to the US Postal Service, but now we must pick up packages over 13 ounces, not 16 ounces.

Customers can use a convenient online postage application or an Automated Postal Center if they wish to mail items that weigh more than 13-ounces in Postal Service collection boxes or Post Office lobby mail slots, or if they wish to leave the items for pickup by their letter carriers. Online postage applications include the Postal Service's Click-N-Ship service on and PC Postage from an authorized USPS vendor.

If a customer is unable to use one of the above methods to prepare and affix postage, items weighing more than 13-ounces must be presented for mailing to an employee at a Post Office retail service counter. Business customers who use postage meters can continue to use meter postage for packages of any weight and mailing method.

New decals on USPS collection boxes inform customers that deposit of stamped mail over 13-ounces is prohibited, and any such mail will be returned.

Previously, the prohibition applied to mail over 16-ounces. The change is part of ongoing security measures established by the Postal Service, in cooperation with other government agencies, to keep the public, customers, employees and the mail safe.