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Preventing Sexual Harassment - TMS Assessment Facilitates Compliance

The State of Connecticut requires all employees who supervise others to complete two hours of training on how to recognize and prevent sexual harassment in the work place.  At Yale,  the requirement applies to all faculty and staff who supervise others, including student workers.

The Training Management System (TMS) assessment is an annual training survey designed to determine if a staff or faculty member needs any regulatory training, such as the “Recognition and Prevention of Sexual Harassment” course.  The University, per policy 1010, requires all staff and faculty members to update their assessment on an annual basis.  The process consists of 35 questions, takes only a few minutes to complete, and is used to determine which training needs have been met and those which have not – both of which are equally important.  In order to monitor outstanding training requirements, assessment participation levels must be met.  

Deborah Stanley-McAulay, ODLC Director, and Jessica Hammatt, TMS Manager,  are currently working with business managers and administrators to increase participation rates in both the assessment and training modules. Through a series of meetings held with individual departments across campus, managers will be trained in the use of current metrics and learn how to begin improving these statistics.  Customized options may be available depending on the needs of specific departments.