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Revamping the Research Administration Strategy

An important initiative is currently underway to define a long-term strategy for improving administrative processes and systems that support research activities at Yale.  While many significant changes have already been made to existing systems and practices, beginning with the 100-day plan and numerous other projects now in operation, strategies that go beyond addressing immediate needs are necessary.

Under the executive sponsorship of Andy Hamilton, Shauna King, and Bob Alpern, the ultimate goal of the initiative is to achieve excellence in sponsored projects administration, allowing researchers to maximize the time spent on clinical and scholarly activities, while still meeting  compliance requirements and maintaining effective stewardship of funds.

As a first step, an administrative task force has been formed, co-chaired by Jacqueline Tucker, YSM and Bob Davis of Finance and Administration, which will develop a framework and strategy for transforming research administration at Yale.  Over the next two months, the group will be seeking input from faculty and staff who participate in research-related activities, and compiling data via surveys, focus groups and interviews.

The goals of  the task force will be to establish:

  • A sophisticated prototype of  the transformed administrative infrastructure, which delineates its functionality from the perspective of all stakeholders (faculty, support staff, business offices, central support units, and compliance-related units).
  • A set of actionable strategies capable of addressing the business, technology, and structural issues induced by these changes.
  • A multi-year, resource allocation plan to meet the financial needs of  the project.

Task force updates will be posted on the Office of Research Administration web site ( Please feel free to contact Bob ( or Jackie (, if you have any comments or questions about the process.