PTAEO Stamps

New PTAEO Stamps Required to Capture Initiator starting on 7/1/07

Have you gotten your new PTAEO stamp yet?

If not, contact Lucille Madri 432-5524 or in the Controller's Office to determine method of pickup/delivery.

Why do we need new PTAEO stamps?

Beginning 7/1/07
, the transaction 'Initiator', will be required on Ok-to-Pay invoices and other procurement transactions.  In addition and as appropriate, capturing the transaction Preparer and Approver on procurement transactions will also be required.

How will the transaction Initiator be used?

The transaction Initiator will initially be captured on source documents like Ok-to-Pay invoices and in source systems like SciQuest.  From there, the Accounts Payable department will enter this information in Yale’s Account Payable sub-system where it will eventually be passed along with other transaction details to the data warehouse.  Ultimately the additional information will be used to improve transaction documentation by making it available in transaction inquiries and on financial reports.

Where can I learn more about this new role?

Click here to learn more.