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Transition Agreement Reached Regarding M&P Overtime-Eligible Staff (FSLA)

In May 2006, the University determined that, in applying the revised regulations of the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act), a number of M&P employees were reclassified as overtime eligible.  In the summer of 2006 the University and Local 34 reached an agreement that would permit those M&P employees who were determined to be overtime eligible to choose whether to remain in an M&P salaried overtime eligible position or be reclassified into a C&T position in the bargaining unit represented by Local 34.

The process of moving from an M&P position to a position in the bargaining unit raised a number of transition issues.  Representatives from the University and Local 34 have been meeting on a regular basis in order to arrive at a mutual agreement regarding a number of compensation and benefit issues related to this transition.

We are pleased to announce that the University and Local 34 have reached an agreement on all transition issues and are currently in the process of advising affected M&P employees, supervisors and Business Managers of the terms of the agreement. 

Packets containing detailed information will be mailed during the first week of August. These will be mailed to all affected employees to provide them with  information so that they may make and informed decision whether to elect to join the Local 34 bargaining unit. The University and Local 34 are conducting joint information meetings with affected employees and Business Managers. Supervisors should encourage affected employees in their departments to attend one of the information sessions. During the later part of August, additional meetings will be offered to employees to answer questions regarding benefits.