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Desk-Side Recycling Program Expands!

As part of its ongoing efforts to make Yale more sustainable, the University is expanding its mixed-paper desk-side recycling program. Most Central Campus offices have already been equipped with the new trash and recycling bins, and the program will be expanded campus-wide by the fall. As part of the program, each desk will be provided with both a trash and a mixed paper recycling bin, and the custodial staff will empty both bins. Studies have shown that providing desk-side pick-up of mixed paper increases participation in recycling programs. At Yale, similar pilot projects have resulted in a significant increase in the amount of paper being recycled. Custodians will soon be delivering the new bins along with information about the program. Old bins will be removed for donation and re-use elsewhere.

For more information about this program, please contact Yale Recycling at 432-6852, or The Yale Recycling website ( and the Office of Sustainability website ( contain a wealth of information about recycling at home and at work, as well as important updates on Yale's initiatives to "go green."