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Create Your Own Postage Stamps

Looking for a unique way to make your letter stand out from the crowd? 
Something eye-catching yet cost effective?  Try picture stamps!

Think about it - what was the first thing you looked at when you opened this message?  Hopefully, it was the colorful stamp pictures. 

These stamps are wonderful for letting family and friends know about personal events (weddings, new baby, holiday event, etc.) but think about the possibilities for use on department mailings.  Use a picture of your department logo or something at Yale that everyone would relate to such as Athletics showing a sports figure in a Yale uniform, Development using the Yale archway or a smiling Yale graduate in cap and gown, Peabody Museum using a dinosaur or extinct bird ... the possibilities are endless!

Is this real postage?  Absolutely!  Create your own postage for First-Class Mail®, Priority Mail®, or Express Mail®.  Pictures are available from the companies below, or supply your own.  And these stamps do not get cancellation marks through them so they can be saved by the recipient.

When designing your stamps, keep in mind that every company will put their name on the stamp, some in larger type than others, so compare before you place your order. 

Is RIS preparing your mailing?  They will be glad to use stamps you designed to give your mailing that personal touch.  Contact Steve Taylor at RIS, (43)2-6543.

Designing your own postage is quick and easy. Take a look at these trusted sites to create your own postage today:

  1. PictureItPostage
  3. Zazzle Custom Stamps

Stamps are available in sheets of 20 stamps, or use smaller 5 or 6 stamp sheets for fund raisers or giveaways.  Even one stamp to a sheet makes an excellent give-away when the rest of the 8"x3" sheet is used for promotion.