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Use Complete Campus Mail Address for Prompt Delivery

A correct campus address consists of a name, department name and campus delivery location.  Whether you are addressing a campus mail envelope or forwarding a US mail letter, the same information is required.  However, there seems to be a trend toward just writing "55 Whitney" or "Gail", for example, on an envelope in the hopes of saving time.  This may save you a few seconds initially, but the end result will be delayed or returned mail.

Campus Mail is picked up one day and delivered the following day.  All mail without a complete address misses the next delivery and must be held as we attempt to determine the correct recipient.  Even after opening campus envelopes, we are often unable to determine proper routing for your envelope and must return it to sender.   US mail envelopes being forwarded with just a street address noted on them must also be returned to the original recipient for a complete campus address. 

Help us serve you better!  You can count on your mail being delivered on the next working day if we are given a complete campus address.

Is your department moving?  Click here to access the Yale Mail Service form. To ensure uninterrupted delivery, please let Campus Mail know at least two weeks before your move.