Administrative Services

Campus Mail Tips: Host an On-Campus USPS Visit

Our last On-Campus visits by our US Postal Service Representatives were very successful but we need your help to schedule several more during the next few months. 

Yale's two US Postal Service representatives have offered to visit our campus each month to answer any mail related questions you may have.  Possibly you have questions on calculating the new rates or need to find a new way to send items more cost-effectively.  Perhaps a letter was returned and you have no idea why.  This is your chance to meet face-to-face with our representatives and ask questions.

If your department would like to host our two USPS representatives for a two-hours On-Campus visit, please contact me by return email or call 4-9310.  All that is needed is a quiet room with a table and a couple of chairs.  Anyone from your area of campus would be able to stop by to ask them questions, but your department would have them handy to ask all the mail related questions you can think of! 

We would like to schedule visits in each area of campus, beginning with July 19th in the science area and July 26th in the medical. Or you may choose a date that is convenient for your department.  Call me today 4-9310 to discuss a date.  Thank you.